Sunday, January 26, 2003

Anxiety ratting...(2) .. Gggrrrr rating...(1)

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend full of love and fun and all that gooey stuff that makes life worth living :)
A big thank you to Mr P for his comment on Fridays Post but I honestly didn't think I looked that bad in the morning :(

Just had a quick read through the blogs list... Hmmmm not much going on, with the small exception of a certain Harry Stone :(...last seen going off to watch Corrie :( and never heard of again :( Oh dear me thinks maybe Richard the Corrie Killer has Caught up with him :( And I so loved his witty comments about the days news etc..It always put a small on my old worn (look really rough in the morning) face. Come Back Harry!!! you know you can't hide forever and I won't tell anyone Honest!! :)
Seems Ripsaw has been doing some serious bonding with Ariel...wink..wink But its a tough life being a single parent of a small child. Its a heavy burden to carry and I have complete admiration for anyone who can do it and stay both sane and cheerful. Much love to you both and your little angels and may your friendship blossom into a lifetime of sharing and caring :)
Not much else to say really other than its Sunday night and where's my bucket!
Nite nite x

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