Sunday, January 19, 2003

Anxiety rating..(3) Gggggrrr rating...(1)

Sorry about the problem with the sound file :(.. I have no idea why it won't work. I use yahoo to store all my files/animations/pictures and have never had a problem. Even linked cartoons through it with no problem. They work fine,but for some reason it won't work :( Until blogger sort out my problem with the server for this blog I have no choice but to use a 3rd party. Despite leaving messages on blogger control, nothing has been done. I'm not happy with the support service on here but haven't got the heart to move it all to another provider as its taken so long to sort and get into the search engines.

One person did get to hear the file and his response was "you sound calm..I expected you to be more gibbering!" Well forgive me for pretending to be a normal person :-O Why do people assume that if you have some kind of mental illness such as anxiety/depression that your a nutter who can't string a sentence together. If you met me in the street or had a telephone conversation with me you would realize I'm just as normal as any other person. Whatever 'normal' is!! Its not like I want to be this way!!:-0 They has proved now that anxiety/depression/mental illness is highly heritable, if its in your genes and all it takes is circumstances/situations to bring it out. If you had 2 people who where doing a weight lifting contest and one could clearly lift more than the other, you wouldn't think less of the weaker one or mock him because he wasn't as strong. So why do people feel its ok to mock and be-little people who can't cope with life as well as others, through no fault of their own!..ggggggggggrrrrrrrr it gets me so mad!!

Sorry I went on a bit there :) but peoples attitudes need to change regarding mental illness. The stats are as follows..1 in ever 4 people will suffer some kind of mental illness in their lives, so why can't we deal with it people!!

Nite nite x

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