Friday, December 17, 2004

Adults only please..............I'm afraid this next one is in bad taste ;)..but funny nether the less :)
Its a download so I hope you're not on a 56k

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Late as ever :)

Sorry missed much to do, so little
Todays offering of strangeness..
**Note...for some strange reason he has changed his site(painfreak below)... Typical :(**
Some people really worry check this out... What is the point as ask myself.. but it did make me laugh.. maybe I need more help than I first thought!! :/
Well if your feeling bored and a little brain dead how about this..
Mutant crimbo trees..ROFL.. whatever next.. and I see that bloody elf from last year is back doing the rounds
Have fun!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004


In my sad attempt to not be such a grouch this year I have decided to do a little advent I know its a bit late to start but better late than never :)

On offering of net rubbish wil be served up here daily of whatever junk I can find out there.

Today's offering... webcams :)

Santa in his groto in lapland..or did I read it

Tree this says it all and the music is just so bloody anoying...LOL

Have fun people :)

Friday, December 10, 2004


Well its that time of year again folks..Eat too much..spend too much..then spend next year trying to pay back for this year :/ Getting stuffed too much in more ways than one ;)

The usual Pig arrived im my utility :( in bits mind you. .that does help. .and it was dead too, also a help when you're trying to cut it up and bag it :P So its been a mad chopping , packing and trying to rehome all its porky portions :) We must be mad. .we do it every year :/ I still got about 7 chunks of last years big mamma in the freezer. Oh well..
I was a little miffed when I came into the office to find 2 eyeballs 1 ear and a snout staring up at me :(... What my husband thinks is a joke. .I'm not so sure myself . .its was

I'm currently sporting a rather attractive brace people :/ In a momant of madness I decided to have something done about my top teath. They have bugged me for years, all crooked and the fang that sticks out of the side. I looked like a half cocked vampire, not an attractive look at all :( So its ...talking complete rubbish and no one understands a word I say ...time. And my mouth hurts so much I haven't even got the strength to shout at the kids!. .lol And when I do they just laugh at me and make nasty comments about "how they could'nt understand a word I just spluttered"..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr So i'm keeping a low profile for a while. Just while I learn to speak again. The dentist assures me it will only take about 12

Its nearly time for a blog re vamp me thinks :) and I have just the graphic in mind, if only I could remmember how to use my paint shop pro. .lol Its the brace. .the super fang must be attached to my brain and I'm currently picking up radio 2 with great ease, sadly this is having a mind numbing effect on my brain and leaving me with periods of lost memory, and I keep dropping off to sleep without any notice.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Damn that Steve Right!!

Enough for now.....
Note for the day!!
Be carefull what pet you choose!!.. as its well known we grow to look like them in the end!
If you scroll below you can see that wil give you a great idea of what I look like ;) the dog is a great give away :P

Monday, November 15, 2004


Sorry couldn't think of a title :)
what's been going on bro?........ erm duno really too damn busy to draw breath I guess. What with B & Q proving to be a pain in the butt with my multi coloured bathroom. LOL oh yes finally got all the bits..takes of wrapping to fit them and they are different shades...ggggggggrrrrrr. I give in. So I know have a bath fitted (looks good)...we had to put the old sink back in as the other would take another 28 days... but sadly the new fittings wouldn't reach the old I have a sink with no water :/ my god!! oh yes and lets not get into the loo saga..we could be here all night :(

With the new office/workroom space I decided to get stuck in with the chess sets again. Sadly it seems every tom dick and talentless harry has decided to have a go too, so e.bay is now awash with hand made (but I must say naff!!) chess sets. So I have had to pick up my game so to speak. I have built a new website with hosting this time so no adds!! made new templates for my auctions and employed every underhanded tactic in the book to get ahead. Well hey what is a girl to do when the going gets tough!!..

Fish............ erm yes I got lots of them :P.. I now have 4 tanks..ROFL and my fish are breeding like mad, about 100 babies so oh yes and the apple snails are rampant too!! but they take forever to hatch :( fingers crossed I get lots of babies from the many clusters of eggs they have laid.

Husband........ still playing golf!! enough said on that subject!!. He was stood on the toilet seat the other day, tiling the wall behind it when I heard a sudden crash.. I just left him too it cos he gets real grumpy if you try and help. Anyhow 20 mins later he hobbles down the stairs looking dazed and unhapppy...shame I thought..(not!!) turns out he fell through the old toilet seat straight into the loo..ROFL.. but he managed to get a huge pieces of plastic from the seat tuck in the sole of his foot..OUCHHHHHHHHH. nasty gash too..and blood all over the bathroom. serves him right. I told him to use the step stool..but he never listens to me :/

part 2 when I can get my butt in gear :P

Monday, September 27, 2004

I just had to post this..ROFL....

Your Boobies' Names Are: Beavis and Butthead

Well its been totally mad here..lots of builders butts... ginger electricians leaving my freezer turned off..grrrrrrrr... plumbers..gas fitters... need I go on. But yes folks we finally got it all sorted... Garage converted..daughter moved in!!!..that gets the noisy trout out of the way and maybe now we can all get some sleep. Her old room re vamped and decorated for William.. who is way chuffed with all the space.. and he can finally have his mates round to play on his X.Box..YAY.. its not talking room and the TV in the living room!!!.. Dining room back to what its meant to be.. so we can now eat food in comfort!!!.. Hey Men to that folks.. and yes...the most important of all I got my OFFICE/CHESS WORKROOM :).. I can shut the door and hide away..its fab!!.. also got a new PC to go with it.. I'm in heaven :).. Oh yes and the new 5' x 2' x 18" tank that has taken over the living room.. ROFL... Ok maybe I have a problem with visualizing size of objects..LOL Bought it of E.bay for bargain price.. Took 3 Strong guys to lift the bloody thing!! Its now full of fish/weed/wood and looks bloody fab!! :) Pics to follow

All I have to do now is swap the PC for the new one.. set these one up in sons new room and set up a new home network!!.. Then its all done....well almost..they have to come back to do the bathroom. Slight problem with that though.. seems B & Q don't think that a toilet is part of a bathroom "Oh sorry madame you seem to be missing your pan".. "Really delivery man!!.. you don't say" "And what am I to do with no loo please tell me?"... "erm duno about that"... god the guy was thick and he had ginger hair too.. I'm beginning to have a problem with guys with ginger hair..GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR I think there should be screening so non of them ever make it past the Fallopian tube!!

Daughter returned to really.. can't believe it myself.. well it was either that or get a job!!!.. she thought school was the easy option. She did pass her ICT course last year, despite never going to any The school refused to let her back at first.. but after a few phone calls she got in. Shes doing psychology Performing arts and God help the world when she's gets out there for real is all I can say!

After 12 years of doing the school run I find myself redundant :). William has started walking too and from school on his own..bless him :P Its kind of sad though... my baby's are all grown up :/ it makes me feel like I have wished away their lives so I can have mine back. And the bloody anxiety ribbed me of 4 years too. But I still feel really lucky.. most people never get over it. and her is me living life like it never happened :) I just wish I could take hold of people who suffer and help them in some way to see it the way I see it..then the penny would drop as it did with me. If the truth be known I'd heal the world if I could.. one life sacrifice for a better future for the human race .. It would be worth it!!!

I never really went into what the clairvoyant said to me did I?.. I#ll leave that for another day :P

Have a good one and love the ones closest to you, cos you never know when they will be gone :/ nite nite

Friday, August 20, 2004

Ok Bro...New Post On its way

Busy busy
My latest fab people...Tropical fish :)

What can I say..... Move over addiction comming through :)
But this ones a bit more of a pinch on the old purse :/
Yes I bought a fab new aquarium... its 3 tanks joined together by 4 tubes... its way cool.. (pauses to smack self round head I sound like my 11 year old son :/..)
My fish include ...**DRAWS BREATH**
1 Dwarf honey gourami..named jack...Vera died of a mysterious illness :(
3 Neon Tetra.. Un named as I can't tell the little buggers apart
7 Glow Light Tetras.. Un named again for the same reason above
3 Platies 1 male named 2 females ..named blondie and mindy
3 Guppies 1 male named Spud.. and his Mrs..Mrs spud :).. ah and his bit on the side Pepsi.. (Shock horror she just gave birth to 10 fry...the dirty little bugger! Hope Mrs spud don't find out!!)
3 Cory Dora Catfish...named Spot..Strip...and Sid
3 Apple Snails (as pictured above) named.. Zippy George and Bungle ( That ones for you Bro!!)

YaY.. and today I'm a mum...or is that Fish granny :(.. I have 10 baby guppies..aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
I'm loving it.. and I've only killed 6 fish so far!! ...Lol... RIP little guys...ignorance was the reason.. I know better now..:P

Tatoo pic...hhhhhmmmmmmm its not a really good one but it gives you the idea...just ignore the fat

Well thats enough for now.. do so more catching up tomorrow..
Nite x x x

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Someone Pinch Me.. Another month just went by :( Gulp
God I love blogger.. I go away for a month and bugger me... lots more new fab features :) making the bloging thing easier to do... YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to that folks god I'm loving this,  me thinks I need to get out more.. Well funny you should say that but.............
Been out lots!! yes lots!! Had a great weekend at my parents (On my own with no family in  and I can't tell you how freaky that was to be sleeping in a bedroom I was last in when I was 17 :P   And to be without any responsibilities too...  wow it was like being 17 again.. out on the town with mates etc!.lol  well maybe a little over zelast with the last comment, but it was great to see a few people again.  Yes ... we had a few minor panic attacks thrown in for good measure but nothing I couldn't handle :) I feel really Proud of myself :P
Had my Tattoo done... Major panic attack that evening.. almost jumped out of the car twice and legged it down the  but I hung on in there.. and what can I say... what a total wimp,  It didn't hurt a I felt such a fool.  But it looks really cute  (small ladybird on the inside of my hip. aaaaawwwwwww) all healed now and just sits above the top of my jeans with his googlie FAB
Other news... erm.....  My pig eating dog decided to start doing escapeology.  Put him in the garden... ermmm.. go out 5 mins later.. No dog!!... half an hour round the town looking for the little reprobate.. still no dog!!.. then 10 mins later.. phone call from local school ..  "Do you have a dog called Pippin?....  Yes....   Well could you please come and collect him from the football field?.... why? .... because he's playing 5 aside with year 8"..  ROFL.... He must have enjoyed it so much he's escaped another 3 times since and can all ways be found on the football field.. lol   So we took drastic action... Major improvements to the fence.. oh yes. and the small matter of removal of 2 testicals... hehe..  He's sat at the side of me now having come back from the vets today  with a new stagger in his walk and an empty sack!.. lol  Don't think he'll be going anywhere for a while
Nite chucks x x

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Its official, I'm Having A Mid Life Crisis :P

Yes folks.. Sat her with a sore stomach :P.. Why may you ask?....... Well.......... In a sheer moment of madness I went and had my belly button pierced last week.. LMAO
My daughter had wanted hers doing for ages... So I thought.. What the heck lets go for it. Well she went first... There idea not mine and almost passed I walked into the room after the event for mine doing and she was sat in a chair looking a strange green colour. Ok you may think.. I've had too kids for god sake.. How painful can this be? *note at this point I had already picked out a small tattoo to be done straight after the belly!!* So I lies on the bed .. Heart almost beating out of my chest, but otherwise not panicky at all, great I though No Problem!!.. Clamp went on :/.. Ok Brace Yourself!! I'm glad I didn't look at the Needle thing they use as I would have passed out there and then. ROFL . Yes Folks It hurt like hell. But I was brave just let out a small *ouch!!!* I thought to myself that's not too bad. Put my head up and looked down to find it was not finished There was this strange looking appliance half way through my stomach and this had to be pulled back through with the bar on and my god that hurt!! But yet again I was brave.. *like Hell I was* I sat up and felt ok had a little chat about aftercare etc. just to get my breath before round then suddely after about 5 mins I went green!! and had a massive panic attack!! Not that anyone in the room realized, they just thought I felt a little unwell and faint :) So I chickened out of the tattoo ... ***WHIMP*** and am going back next week when this belly has had time to heal. Though I must say after just 6 days its Ok not painful, unless you catch it that is :/ and its healing well thank goodness.
Only problem is.. Due to that fact I have had 2 kids my belly in that area is not as firm as it should be, so the large clear diamond stone in the lower half of the bar seems to be swallowed almost to the point it looks like a cavers pit helmet light shining from the opening of a huge cavern!! Never mind I'll just have to go for the *REVERSE DANGLE*.. Yes I know that sounds painful but I assure you its not, its just another type of naval bar :0

Other News.......
Errrrrmmmmmmm well I'm suffering serious withdrawal at the mo as my fav show STARGATE SG1 has finished :(... blub blub... What is a girl to do?......... ermmmmmmmm buy the first 5 series on sounds bloody good to me!! Just think.. I can watch him over and over again... can pause him and speed him up when he's getting on my tits! Sounds like the perfect hubby to me :P I have just purchased some new software/hardware that allows me to watch telly on my PC and also edit it and any other type of media such as Video and DVD even my old camcorder films.. YAY. So now I can not only play him back and forth, but I can cut him into pieces *saving the best bits* and make even more Wallpaper/Screensavers. aaaaaahhhhhhhh Blissssssssssss.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Me again :)

Just wanted to put a link in to a new site for the Anxiety ridden amongst us. Panic Survivor This is a very slick site :) he gets 10/10 for both the look and content of the site. It has forums and lots of up to date interesting info for anyone suffering from any type of anxiety based disorder. and what's more they are all very supportive and friendly. Why not drop in and take a look I am a member there myself and by the looks of it its going to just grow and grow. Well done to the maker!! *I will put a link in the margin when next I do some template editing* :)

Friday, June 04, 2004

Is It June Already?:(

Forgive me father...... Its been almost 2 months since my last confession :(.......... What can I say....... Gulp :(... Time goes no where. Been so busy with the garden, the house, the animals, the kids , the odd nervous breakdown I just forgot to post. Well that's a bit of a lie.. Really I have turned into a secret e.bay whore with a serious shopping addiction :P.. Having filled my wardrobe, bought furniture, CD's, Books, oh yes .. and a a strange plant stand thing...PC games... should I go on .. I think not. I have a problem (stands up and tells the room like at all the good AA Meetings) not that I have ever had a drink problem you understand. I tend to spill more than I ingest! Yes folks that's been me... shopping selling and more shopping. and all the other family stuff too.

Nice to see a new look to blogger when I logged back in, very swish indeed.. me likes :) I will have to ad a few more links and other stuff to the page as I have been contacted by a few people who for some mad reason think putting a link on my page would improve their own sad deluded fools.

I'm currently experiencing a time of anxiety as stress. Don't ask me why cos I aint got the foggiest as to the cause. Maybe its something to do with parting with large amounts of cash? I never was too good at that. :( or maybe is just a hormone thing... Its been a bit of a shock to the system after feeling so well for so long. Getting my head around how shit it feels has not been easy. It's amazing how quickly you forget and take for granted wellness. But I'm sure I will come to grips with it once again and be back to my annoying self soon :)

I have made the effort to keep up with other peoples blogs, though I haven't felt much like making comments, sorry guys :( I also have a *to do* box full of mail to answer :( sorry again.. I just haven't felt much like it but now I got on top of all my jobs at home I will make a point of getting it done.

God this post sounds really Boring.. Blah Blah Blah..

I'll try better next time honest! :P

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Middle Aged Spread :(

The joys of getting older and reaching the ripe old age of 35 :P.. What can I say other than bits double in size, other bits loose the will to live and head south, suddenly there is more of me than there ever has been before :(

Boobs......... What they all about... Most of my life I have been a 32B/C cup which is quite enough when you're 5' 2" tall and 8 1/2 stone. But for some reason when I hit 30 things started to grow again , its the second coming of puberty :(.. I have spent the last year or so struggling to find bras that fit. Each time I get a bigger size and think to myself *God I can't be this big!!* and I get the bra home only to find its too small :( Well it seems I have finally found a size to fit *holds breath* 32DDD ROFL But sadly for me the Bra industry make very little for such people as I, usually you need a larger back size to go with the boobs but mine is still small at a size 32/8 but my boobs are more 38/ its all a bit scary. Will this inflation continue?.. Will I ever seem certain bits of my body again without the use of a mirror?..

Friday, April 02, 2004

Disaster!!...The Dog Ate My Pigs :(

Oh dear........ Sounds like a title from a really bad B Movie..:(.. But sadly its the truth!!.. I'm wearing black and all the curtains are closed :O.. The lovely Pippin decided to murder In cold blood 5 of my pigs :(. Bummer!!..
There I was minding my own business doing a bit in the garden.. Forget to check that the conservatory door was properly shut.... He slipped past me while I was in the greenhouse and killed 5 of them, leaving only 3 :( I'm amazed that he could kill 5 in a matter of a minute, as I had just come out of the garage. I walked back in to find him stood in the middle of the pen, with a large smile on his face, and a "Look how clever I am mum" in his eye..:( When I looked in the pen all around him were bodies :(.. Broken little pig bodies... *Balls head off** On further inspection of these little bodies, not a mark was found :/.. He must have broken all their necks as there was no sign of any injury on any of them. So at least they didn't suffer. I don't think I would have coped if they had been chewed up, blood and guts and all that.:(
So we had a mass funeral, under the coffin shaped shed that Rod was building in the corner of the garden ironically to house the pigs and keep them away from the dog!.. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR

Oh well SHIT happens I guess :(.. Other than that I turned 35 on Monday :( and I have the flu :( again :(.

Friday, March 26, 2004

I'm Back !!!! Honest!!!

Meet the newest member of the family.. Pippin.. a refugee from the local dogs home, so he fits right in here ;). We had been looking for a while, but finding something of the right size an nature to take us lot on was a tough call :)... but we got there in the end!.. He's gorgeous...... house trained...... doesn't molt..... likes his walks.......Hates his baths :(...... and is generally a real sweetie, we all love him.. so much so he sleeps in the bedroom with us on a night, sad I know but with them eyes giving you the hard luck treatment... You just can't He was handed into kennels on Friday poor love.... and luck what happened next... Out of the frying pan into the madhouse!! But he's settled in great and its like he's always been here to tell you the truth.


Other News.......... ermmmmmmmm too much to say really..Other than Daughter trying to kill herself with too much Booze and ending up casualty... Happily recovered now... so much so she has just got her self a part time job!!...HHHHUUUURRRRAAAYYYY... No more begging for cash...***Lives in hope***
Husband still on the golf course..... But now he's stepped things up a little.... He's the captain of his team..ROFL....... Oh... and he's subscribed to SKY sports to watch the Bloody golf on telly.......AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH... I WANT A DIVORCE!!!!

Went to a Clairvoyant the other day with a friend.........***I can here you all laughing from here***.. I'll tell you more about that another night ;)
And my little project has taken off....... Almost finished the website .. :).. Will post a link when its done then I will be looking for some serious help to get it upto scratch.

Well that's enough for now .. Other Than........... Who You Calling An Old Trout?....... Cheeky young beggar...Wait till I see you... You're in for it!!

nite nite x x

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

What The F**K!!

Sorry for the lack of posts but been busy with my new project :).. As part of the setting up of this project I have been doing a lot of surfing on the e.bay site. Innocent enough you may think :P.. and yes it was mostly. I'm into dragons..and strange things like that, so was surfing through the wired section!!... OH MY GOD!!.... I honestly feel that the time spent on my new project is just a waste... when after all.. I could be making bloody good money doing THIS ROFL... I can just see it now... Flash website with a few tasteful pictures.. to wet the appetite.. link it back to the e.bay page so they can see who's wearing them... LMAO.. I'll be a millionaire within the year!! :)..I Wish :P
Go On .... someone dare me to do it!!!

Friday, January 09, 2004

I'm in Love..What can I say :P..My new wallpaper :)

But I used to be into this I must be getting old :(

I'm rapidly becoming a Stargate SG1 fan... and its on's no hope :P

Monday, January 05, 2004

Year End Ramble *late as ever*..LOL

Where to start..........hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm ...well I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I found myself hoping that this year was going to be one of positive change. I'm not one for new years resolutions, I try not to set goals too large so that I don't end up feeling like a complete failure :(.. so its usually vague things like... get a better parent.... deal with inner termoil...and the desire to rip of hubbies head evertime he mentions *GOLF*.... You know small things like that...:). I can honestly say I have made more progress than I could of every imagined. This time last year I was still suffering quiet badly with anxiety... Not going out much.. and generally avoiding things that I used to love so not to set it all off again :( But with another 12 months under my belt things are so very different. I know live an almost *normal* life.. whatever normal is :P.. Happily shopping, visiting parents, days out with the family. I can't believe the change. My main goal last year was to deal with the mental side of my condition, and to get a real grip on me and who I am, in the faint hope that one day I can look in a mirror and say "I'm an OK person". Well I think I'm a long way down the road to doing that. With the mental issues under control my goals for this year are the physical side of things. Yes folks its time to get really fit...aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh *runs screaming from the room at the very thought* I did wonders to improve my fitness last year so much so that I can now climb the stairs without getting out of breath *joke*... Honestly I did make massive improvements, but with the passing of the years and all my loose body parts giving in to the forces of gravity, its time to get sorted.
Also a big Well Done goes to Mr P.. who also was on a journey to overcome his anxiety problems. He's done really well too and its been a joy to be part of his life and see him dealing with, and getting over his anxiety problems.. So Big (((HUG)))) to him. :)

And the golf thing?.. Well that's another story in itself.. I decided to play him at his own to speak.. and with a Very good outcome I may add!! More to follow :).. sleep well x x

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ok I Did It

Yes folks I finally kicked out the old template for a nice new one :)
And I love it. When I first started my blog it was with a fatkitty template.. So I thought I should stick with tradition and go with........... hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm... wwwwwelllllll.. *Scared out of its life* I'll admit to pinching graphic from another site..hehe but have edited it to fit in with the blog. Hope it makes you smile, and don't give you nightmares :)
Oh and thanx again to Ali for helping me with a few sticky bits "cheques in the post hun ;)"
Well things are great here :)... Kids had a good crimbo.. Son got an X box which he has spent so long playing his eyes now resemble kitty above..scary. I must admit I have had a go myself :).. But I'm total Kitty Poo at it... Something to do with the hand to eye co ordination thingy... mine was left out at conception.. and I don't think its something you can purchase on an Egg card :)..oh well good excuse for more practice me thinks :)
Enough for today... I'll do my *year end ramblings* tomorrow.. Sleep well chucks :) x

Friday, January 02, 2004


Welcome to 2004 and may it be a good one for us all, well I can live in hope :)
I've been busy over the past few days updating the site :P... After the odd slapped wrist from my friend Ali for being a naughty girl and giving away top secret password info.. *SORRY*.. I'm now almost sorted :).. He's kindly given me a little corner of his webspace to host my bits and bobs on, hence the reason for the revamp :P Who Knows one day I may get really bold and even change the basic design.. Now Now.. lets not get too carried away :P Anyways I have added lots of new links etc to all category's.. and weeded out all the ones no longer in use. At this point I would like to say farewell To Ripsaw ...sadly no longer blogging and also a few others that just haven't posted for months, sorry guys but your gone!!
Also a new category of Photo Blog... some good stuff in here. I have been checking out these sites for a while and are worth a look. Plus some new useful anxiety stuff for the gibbering amongst us :)

A quick quiz.. aint done one for a while ..

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh well I'll do some major blogging over the next few days now I'm happy with how things look. Be good out there people x x
ermmmmmm :(

Too busy messing with the page.. and it late now :(.. so will post tomorrow :)
Be Good :P

Thursday, January 01, 2004


Sorry about the will find a better one :P
Main post tomorrow :)