Friday, June 04, 2004

Is It June Already?:(

Forgive me father...... Its been almost 2 months since my last confession :(.......... What can I say....... Gulp :(... Time goes no where. Been so busy with the garden, the house, the animals, the kids , the odd nervous breakdown I just forgot to post. Well that's a bit of a lie.. Really I have turned into a secret e.bay whore with a serious shopping addiction :P.. Having filled my wardrobe, bought furniture, CD's, Books, oh yes .. and a a strange plant stand thing...PC games... should I go on .. I think not. I have a problem (stands up and tells the room like at all the good AA Meetings) not that I have ever had a drink problem you understand. I tend to spill more than I ingest! Yes folks that's been me... shopping selling and more shopping. and all the other family stuff too.

Nice to see a new look to blogger when I logged back in, very swish indeed.. me likes :) I will have to ad a few more links and other stuff to the page as I have been contacted by a few people who for some mad reason think putting a link on my page would improve their own sad deluded fools.

I'm currently experiencing a time of anxiety as stress. Don't ask me why cos I aint got the foggiest as to the cause. Maybe its something to do with parting with large amounts of cash? I never was too good at that. :( or maybe is just a hormone thing... Its been a bit of a shock to the system after feeling so well for so long. Getting my head around how shit it feels has not been easy. It's amazing how quickly you forget and take for granted wellness. But I'm sure I will come to grips with it once again and be back to my annoying self soon :)

I have made the effort to keep up with other peoples blogs, though I haven't felt much like making comments, sorry guys :( I also have a *to do* box full of mail to answer :( sorry again.. I just haven't felt much like it but now I got on top of all my jobs at home I will make a point of getting it done.

God this post sounds really Boring.. Blah Blah Blah..

I'll try better next time honest! :P

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