Wednesday, January 28, 2004

What The F**K!!

Sorry for the lack of posts but been busy with my new project :).. As part of the setting up of this project I have been doing a lot of surfing on the e.bay site. Innocent enough you may think :P.. and yes it was mostly. I'm into dragons..and strange things like that, so was surfing through the wired section!!... OH MY GOD!!.... I honestly feel that the time spent on my new project is just a waste... when after all.. I could be making bloody good money doing THIS ROFL... I can just see it now... Flash website with a few tasteful pictures.. to wet the appetite.. link it back to the e.bay page so they can see who's wearing them... LMAO.. I'll be a millionaire within the year!! :)..I Wish :P
Go On .... someone dare me to do it!!!

Friday, January 09, 2004

I'm in Love..What can I say :P..My new wallpaper :)

But I used to be into this I must be getting old :(

I'm rapidly becoming a Stargate SG1 fan... and its on's no hope :P

Monday, January 05, 2004

Year End Ramble *late as ever*..LOL

Where to start..........hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm ...well I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I found myself hoping that this year was going to be one of positive change. I'm not one for new years resolutions, I try not to set goals too large so that I don't end up feeling like a complete failure :(.. so its usually vague things like... get a better parent.... deal with inner termoil...and the desire to rip of hubbies head evertime he mentions *GOLF*.... You know small things like that...:). I can honestly say I have made more progress than I could of every imagined. This time last year I was still suffering quiet badly with anxiety... Not going out much.. and generally avoiding things that I used to love so not to set it all off again :( But with another 12 months under my belt things are so very different. I know live an almost *normal* life.. whatever normal is :P.. Happily shopping, visiting parents, days out with the family. I can't believe the change. My main goal last year was to deal with the mental side of my condition, and to get a real grip on me and who I am, in the faint hope that one day I can look in a mirror and say "I'm an OK person". Well I think I'm a long way down the road to doing that. With the mental issues under control my goals for this year are the physical side of things. Yes folks its time to get really fit...aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh *runs screaming from the room at the very thought* I did wonders to improve my fitness last year so much so that I can now climb the stairs without getting out of breath *joke*... Honestly I did make massive improvements, but with the passing of the years and all my loose body parts giving in to the forces of gravity, its time to get sorted.
Also a big Well Done goes to Mr P.. who also was on a journey to overcome his anxiety problems. He's done really well too and its been a joy to be part of his life and see him dealing with, and getting over his anxiety problems.. So Big (((HUG)))) to him. :)

And the golf thing?.. Well that's another story in itself.. I decided to play him at his own to speak.. and with a Very good outcome I may add!! More to follow :).. sleep well x x

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ok I Did It

Yes folks I finally kicked out the old template for a nice new one :)
And I love it. When I first started my blog it was with a fatkitty template.. So I thought I should stick with tradition and go with........... hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm... wwwwwelllllll.. *Scared out of its life* I'll admit to pinching graphic from another site..hehe but have edited it to fit in with the blog. Hope it makes you smile, and don't give you nightmares :)
Oh and thanx again to Ali for helping me with a few sticky bits "cheques in the post hun ;)"
Well things are great here :)... Kids had a good crimbo.. Son got an X box which he has spent so long playing his eyes now resemble kitty above..scary. I must admit I have had a go myself :).. But I'm total Kitty Poo at it... Something to do with the hand to eye co ordination thingy... mine was left out at conception.. and I don't think its something you can purchase on an Egg card :)..oh well good excuse for more practice me thinks :)
Enough for today... I'll do my *year end ramblings* tomorrow.. Sleep well chucks :) x

Friday, January 02, 2004


Welcome to 2004 and may it be a good one for us all, well I can live in hope :)
I've been busy over the past few days updating the site :P... After the odd slapped wrist from my friend Ali for being a naughty girl and giving away top secret password info.. *SORRY*.. I'm now almost sorted :).. He's kindly given me a little corner of his webspace to host my bits and bobs on, hence the reason for the revamp :P Who Knows one day I may get really bold and even change the basic design.. Now Now.. lets not get too carried away :P Anyways I have added lots of new links etc to all category's.. and weeded out all the ones no longer in use. At this point I would like to say farewell To Ripsaw ...sadly no longer blogging and also a few others that just haven't posted for months, sorry guys but your gone!!
Also a new category of Photo Blog... some good stuff in here. I have been checking out these sites for a while and are worth a look. Plus some new useful anxiety stuff for the gibbering amongst us :)

A quick quiz.. aint done one for a while ..

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh well I'll do some major blogging over the next few days now I'm happy with how things look. Be good out there people x x
ermmmmmm :(

Too busy messing with the page.. and it late now :(.. so will post tomorrow :)
Be Good :P

Thursday, January 01, 2004


Sorry about the will find a better one :P
Main post tomorrow :)