Sunday, March 30, 2003


Small Interlude into madness :P

I would like to take this opportunity to complain to certain members of my family! :( Just because mothers day and my birthday were next to each other, does not mean you get away with only buying one pressie :(... hehe

Just to point out I have added a couple of new links. One For Johns panic pages... a great site for the gibbering amongst us, with many useful links and also a list of others peoples pages who suffer with similar probs.
Also Hot Flashes in the ring surf section. Great list of sites for the hormonally challenged amongst us :)

Hope your all well. I am keeping up with the reading of pages ::).. just way too lazy to bother posting on my own :/
Catch ya later chucks!

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Sunday, March 23, 2003


Sorry chucks but with spring in the air and the sudden desire to clean/tidy/paint/go out to lunch/have sex on the freezer cabinet at safeway :)\play in my greenhouse\annoy my friends\go swimming\get back to my painting and drawing :) and generally enjoy life.. phew..:P.. I feel time will be short so posting will be sparse if at all :(.. With only so many hours in the day, something has to give.
Hope your all well and happy and I will keep up with the blog reading :) and making annoying bitchy comments on others sites...hehe.. no change there then.
"Its Life Jim.. But Not As We Know It".. one of my fav lines from the old star trek :).. describes it perfectly :)
Have fun chucks and be GOOOOOOOD..


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Anxiety rating .. (1).. Grr rating.. (1)

Well another fab afternoon spent in the company of brain dead delinquents, and that was just the parent helpers :).. We all went in sane happy smiling people and came out spaced out brain dead zombies with the will to live sucked from our very being :P.. But it was fun and most projects finished.. and WOW 3 more house

Blog roll.. Done
Washing.. sorted
Guinea Pigs.. Fed
Kids.. tucked in bed
Husband.. Tucked in bed also with sore back and swollen toe :(.. Lmao :).. maybe he will give the golf a rest this week, well I can live in hope :O
Crispy Duck...... Yuuuuuummmmmmm.. went down a treat, but had to eat it on my own as hubby was playing *the Wounded Golfer*..hehe
My blog.... almost updated :)
Sea Monkeys... Dead :(.. Oh dear moved them to a new container and they were all dead by morning so had a mini monkey funeral.. RIP SEA MONKEYS
Bed.......... Yes....... I'm off.....:).. sleep well chucks and make sure all the bits that dangle are covered :O

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (10).. Gggrrrr rating (10)..:O

32 Nine year olds/20 Pairs of scissors/20 Pots of Glue/ Large pile of used denim jeans ????:(

Who would believe that the above would turn into a version of a living hell :(
My God!!! Was I insane to be a *Parent Helper*.. complete with badge :P
Well....... what can I say ........ other than... Kids were never so cheeky when I was at school, and the poor teachers :(.. its not a wage they should get, but more apt would be danger money on a par to the SAS. And the laugh was she asked who the room would like *MRS FORDS* help.. 32 hands went up with expectant faces beneath :/.. I thought to myself.. 'hhhhmm pick a table with some cute little girls on.. easy afternoon'... But NO!!!.. she changed her mind and placed with a table full of the class horrors AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH.. then proceeded to apologies for my forth coming torture :(.. LMAO.. Yes I'm laughing because any child that has ever visited our house for tea will tell you that I make the average loud teacher look positively angelic. Needless to say.. they never stood a chance!!. I soon had the 8 little terrors eating out of my hand , and yes.. we even managed to get some major sticking/cutting/money box building done. I will admit at this point when I first entered the class room, made my way to the back so not to detract the little darlings :P and began to listen to the teacher shouting instructions it was like being back in school all over again :(.. and a minor panic attack had me wanting to flee at great speed to the nearest exit :(.. But I was strong and stayed and a good afternoon was had by all :).. so much so I'm off back tomorrow to repeat the performance :)

Sleep well :)

Oh I even got 3 house points for my efforts ;).. and thats no joke either :)

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (2).. Gggrrr rating..(2)

Well I have been informed that I must make a post..:).. Not that anyone is really interested, but here goes the excitement that has been my life over the past few days.
Got Up.. Did house work.. Went to bed
Got up.. Did more housework.. went to bed again
Got up............ LMAO.. I think you get the message ;)
The red nose day head gear went down a treat :).. So much so he made the local paper.. lol.. Fame at last :).. Well that is a small lie.. he also got in the paper at Christmas with my fantastic Cardboard tree :).. Only prob is, the school now want to recruit me for future art projects :(.. Not my idea of fun, classroom full of other peoples kids :(.. I have enough of a headache coping with my own ;)

The blogging world seems to be having a bit of a lull at the mo. People not bothering to post for days on end, and some even going AWOL never to be herd of again. Is there something I should know?.. Have I missed something? Or maybe its this new PC virus : O Or maybe we just full of the joys of spring. And would rather be in our greenhouses pricking out our seedlings :P.. well It works for me folks!.. And yes I need a life .. and yes when I grow up into a big girl I will go get one :)

Sleep well chucks .. and be good out there! :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Sat her making a red Mohican for my son for Red Nose Day..:O.. Don't ask.. its a parent thing :/.. Can't tell you how many hours I have wasted making stupid costumes, trailing for miles trying to find Red Spray On Hair Dye :(.. and a host of other useless objects that's you only need for one day of your life. And what's even more annoying they only give you a few days notice to put it all together, and I live in the backside of no where where these wondrous items have never even been heard of let alone are in stock :(... Oh hum.. for the joys and shopping of city of life. *Me types Estate Agents Leeds/Bradford into Google*.. I need to get of out this place and find some life :O

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The pics below were sent to me by a friend and I just had to post them.

Life if Iraq Wins The War !



Monday, March 10, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (not worth a mention).. Grr rating.. (nope nothing here either) :)

A big wave to Mr P.. Hi hun hows it hanging :).. Glad to hear your feeling ggggggooooooooooooodddddddddd :) Will get mail done in next few days I promise :)
Just been watching this thing on Living TV about Diana.. I find the whole thing kind of sad. The poor woman has been dead 5 years and they still trying to make a fast buck out of her. It was all about her ' spiritual side'.. Apparently there was a programme on American TV last night that conducted a seance to try an contact her. But due to our TV laws most of it will never be shown over hear. Not a bad thing me thinks :I.. You have to feel for her boys.. every time I see something about her I cringe and think how must it make them feel. Whatever happened is now history and to me it should stay that way!.. Nothing to gain by picking over the what ifs and what should have beens. Let the Woman Rest In peace.

Nite nite chucks x x

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) ... Grrr rating (0)

No posts over the past few days... been too busy hanging out in my own head :P.. and as I have multiple personalities its not that hard to do either :)
'I hunger for social relationships' ?... My arse!!.. I hate people, I hate crowds, and generally am very happy in my own company with my other personalities!.. lol. Now lets be honest about this... yes I do like my own company, but I also enjoy the company of my friends too, but I will admit only when I'm in the mood. I'm a very moody person you see.. Love you to death one minuet, then scratch your eyes out the next! Ask my hubby he will tell you. He never knows who is going to wake up with next :P

Had a fun day today playing in my garden... Yes I know its boring but hey, this girl is easily pleased :) Up to date with all my jobs at home for spring.... I need to be organised or a find my anxiety will creep in if I feel things are getting on top of me :(
Kids back at school tomorrow :).. My son got a major telling off on Friday as He called the teacher 'NASTY' when she told the class they couldn't do P.E. LOL.. Hes got a very short fuse like his dad, and when hes tired or not well he seems to develop Tarets Hes just getting to that age where the cute lovable kid I knew gets 'Taken'.. and an obnoxious monster is put in his place :)
Speaking of 'TAKEN' have you been watching it? Its really good.. One of the best Sci Fi things I have seen on telly for a long while.
Time for bed... Sleep well XX

Friday, March 07, 2003


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anxiety rating.. (1).. Still got a headache.. (9) :(

What can I say about the above quiz :(.. hhhhhmmmmmmmm some true some not, I'm not a person who suffers from depression thank goodness :O
I Killed the it gave me nightmares :P
New to my blog roll in the boys corner is Boston Blue Eyes :).. some fab stuff on this site, put many a big smile on my face :).. I'll slip it into the blog roll over the weekend cos my head hurts and I can't be bothered with HTML tonite :O
Have a good weekend you all! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (1) .. Gggrr rating.. (1)

A little explanation for the pic below :P.. Its hard to believe that photo is nearly 30 years old :O I think I'm about 4 (in the middle).. Brother 1 to my right is 6 and brother 2 to my left is 5.. Yes my parents were very busy for a few years ;).. I also have another little brother (6'3" who is 5 years younger than myself. We all fought like cat and dog and I never really got on with the oldest, and in fact don't to this day. Not speaking to the fat self opinionated hypocrite :P.. but the other 2 I love to bits and keep in touch with :).. Families.. hhhhhmmmmm

Poor pEg is ill again... aaaaaaaawwwwww bless. Its been one of the worse years for a long while for bugs :(.. you no sooner get over one thing and then you inflicted with another :(.. Can't wait for spring and summer :)

Jokes in bad taste :P
A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar which reads:

Cheese Sandwich $ 1.50
Chicken Sandwich $ 2.50
Hand Job $10.00

Checking his wallet he finds one single ten dollar bill.
He walks up to the bar and beckons to one of the three exceptionally attractive blondes serving drinks to an eager-looking group of men.

"Yes?" she inquires with a knowing smile, "can I help you?"

"I was wondering", whispers the man, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?"

"Yes", she purrs, "indeed I am!"

The man replies "Well go wash your hands, I want a cheese sandwich!"

Love and hugs to all :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Anxiety rating..(1) ... Ggrrr rating..(2)

Been playing with my new toy :).. its taking some getting used to but I'm getting there. The main reason for buying it was to sort some old pics and get copies onto disc, with a bit of luck I will get organised and have a weekend at it :).. the photos that is :P

I'm the dwarf in glasses  :P

Sleep well x x

Monday, March 03, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) .. Gggrr rating.. (1).. No headache today :)

Face Lift or wind Tunnel?

Well I can't believe my eyes :O.. has anyone seen the new Simply Red video?.. Its a good song.. music is a rip off of one of Hall & Oats songs, but good nether the less. But what has he done to his face :(.. The last time I saw him his skin resembled a contour map of the Yorkshire wolds (You have to live here to understand that joke!).. and now he has the complexion of cling film stretched over a toilet bowl :) (Nasty trick often played in school His eyes are so tight he can hardly close them poor guy.. So please don't try and insult my intelligence Mr Hucknel.. either you had a face lift or you spent the last 12 months in a wind tunnel :)

Glad I got that of my chest ;)
Yes folks I'm feeling better today :).. first day in nearly 2 weeks without a headache.. Yippppeeeeee. And I stayed strong and kept away from the caffeine.. lol.. like anyone really is interested or cares :( I'm sad to report the SOYA MILK took a back seat...hehe.. I will give it another go when I'm feeling on top form again.
I see Dragonthief is a lover of that Brown goo called Marmite.. aaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.. my god does this man need some psychiatric help?.. its like eating an OXO cube without making it into gravy . *YUCK*.. I'm more of a chocolate hazelnut spread kind of a girl :).. yummmmmmmmm, I don't stick it on bread, just like to scoop it out with fingers :(.. Bad habit.. maybe I should give that up too :P Thanx for all the comments you fab people :).. they cheered me up when I was feeling sorry for myself.. Sleep well chucks :) X