Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Anxiety rating .. (1).. Grr rating.. (1)

Well another fab afternoon spent in the company of brain dead delinquents, and that was just the parent helpers :).. We all went in sane happy smiling people and came out spaced out brain dead zombies with the will to live sucked from our very being :P.. But it was fun and most projects finished.. and WOW 3 more house

Blog roll.. Done
Washing.. sorted
Guinea Pigs.. Fed
Kids.. tucked in bed
Husband.. Tucked in bed also with sore back and swollen toe :(.. Lmao :).. maybe he will give the golf a rest this week, well I can live in hope :O
Crispy Duck...... Yuuuuuummmmmmm.. went down a treat, but had to eat it on my own as hubby was playing *the Wounded Golfer*..hehe
My blog.... almost updated :)
Sea Monkeys... Dead :(.. Oh dear moved them to a new container and they were all dead by morning so had a mini monkey funeral.. RIP SEA MONKEYS
Bed.......... Yes....... I'm off.....:).. sleep well chucks and make sure all the bits that dangle are covered :O

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