Monday, March 03, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) .. Gggrr rating.. (1).. No headache today :)

Face Lift or wind Tunnel?

Well I can't believe my eyes :O.. has anyone seen the new Simply Red video?.. Its a good song.. music is a rip off of one of Hall & Oats songs, but good nether the less. But what has he done to his face :(.. The last time I saw him his skin resembled a contour map of the Yorkshire wolds (You have to live here to understand that joke!).. and now he has the complexion of cling film stretched over a toilet bowl :) (Nasty trick often played in school His eyes are so tight he can hardly close them poor guy.. So please don't try and insult my intelligence Mr Hucknel.. either you had a face lift or you spent the last 12 months in a wind tunnel :)

Glad I got that of my chest ;)
Yes folks I'm feeling better today :).. first day in nearly 2 weeks without a headache.. Yippppeeeeee. And I stayed strong and kept away from the caffeine.. lol.. like anyone really is interested or cares :( I'm sad to report the SOYA MILK took a back seat...hehe.. I will give it another go when I'm feeling on top form again.
I see Dragonthief is a lover of that Brown goo called Marmite.. aaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.. my god does this man need some psychiatric help?.. its like eating an OXO cube without making it into gravy . *YUCK*.. I'm more of a chocolate hazelnut spread kind of a girl :).. yummmmmmmmm, I don't stick it on bread, just like to scoop it out with fingers :(.. Bad habit.. maybe I should give that up too :P Thanx for all the comments you fab people :).. they cheered me up when I was feeling sorry for myself.. Sleep well chucks :) X

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