Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Boobs Like Sam Fox :O

Me sniggers in anticipation of the many hits I will get from the pervs using the search engines ;)
But there is a point to the title honest :P... Not posted just to increase page hits...
An explanation is in order... lol... Yes... I'll bloody get on with it!!
One of the *Perks*... of being an anxious gibbering wreck is that your metabolism runs very high and you also tend to not eat much as your stomach constantly churns :(... So... being over weight and putting on large amounts of weight has never been much of an issue throughout my life :).. Always been between 7 and 8 stone , and at 5' 2" tall that's a reasonable weight. Now however with Mrs Gibbering firmly buried under a large rock in my garden ... and also mid life creeping upon me I find myself struggling :(.. New acquisitions being a Jennifer Lopez Butt and boobs that Jordan would not turn her nose up at :(... Great I hear you cry... 'Curves are in'.... Yes.. but sadly with the rapid onset of *More chins than a Chinese phone book* that seems to be attached to the boobs and butt :( I'm not so impressed with my new look. I have taken to doing chair aerobics while on the PC in the hope of preventing butt growth.. oh yes and selling my body to the highest bidder :)... for gardening purposes only people ;P
A change is needed with overall outlook on food and eating as I'm sure mother nature is waiting in the background with her finger on the button smiling.. and when she presses said button certain parts of my body will rapidly migrate south in hope of finding a warmer climate :(

Sleep well chucks and stay happy :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Slug With A Hangover??

No people, I'm not talking about either myself or the nice little beer traps I have in my garden but BLOGGER :( .. Is it me.. or has blogger been running really slowly over the last few days. If Your lucky after 5 mins you get the background :( Not Good me thinks :(.. Not that I can moan, as their people still haven't taken any money out of my account for my Blog Spot Plus account.. :P.. Strange.. I thinks its time I left them a little reminder :O

Rain Rain.. Bloody Rain... With the current weather situation I'm going to have to apply for planning to have my greenhouse roof lifted :).. My plants have grown to such huge proportions due to the sunshine and mild weather I currently have a slight Beanstalk situation going on :(.. With these bloody hailstone showers we keep having I dare not put my offspring out to the mercy of the weather. Bless.. that's just how sad my life has become :(.. worrying about bloody bedding plants :(.. and Golf.... and teenage mood swings.
Speaking of teenagers (my blood boils at the very thought :(..).. It was my daughters last day at school on Friday :(.. God that makes me feel old, and I wasn't prepared for how it would make me feel either. Don't seem 2 mins since I was doing that.. and now its my daughter... aaarrggghhhh.
They had a party in a field ... yes.. in a field.... and yes it p****d down all Friday.. lol So there were a lot of very soggy drunken slug like lay abouts creating holly hell in 4 large tents :).. lmao.. youth.... Needless to say she returned home with a large love bite on her neck, worse for ware and not able to remember much :(.. Am I a bad parent??.. Well one thing I have learned is if you say they can't.. then they will surely do their best to do in behind your back anyway.. so best allow it within limits.

I intend to spend some time sorting my other site... "My God ".. I hear you cry... yes folks.. scanner is working now and with all this bloody rain I'm hoping to have some spare time over the weekend so will do some work at long last :P

Luv and Hugs x x

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Wisdom with age ?

Carly Simon... Coming around again..

I know nothing stays the same
But if your willing to play the game
It will be coming around again

So don't mind if I fall apart
There's more room in a broken heart
And I believe in love
Well what else can I do?
I'm so in love with you!

Funny how some things just don't make sense.. but with the passage of time, heartache, Love, devastation. the good and the bad.. things look different :/. I have heard the above song many times and always liked it. But the words never meant a thing. Now however I understand all too well :P
Too many people these days seems to eager to walk away from relationships. Falling at the first big hurdle. Loosing what it was that first made you fall in love with that special person :( But time has shown if you hang in there weather the storms together.. what you once had will with time respect trust and love return again and all the more stronger :) I can still see peoples faces in my mind, when hubby and I got together. "It will never last".. "I give them a year".. etc.. etc.. well you can understand it really.. There I was in my tight jeans and leather jacket.. Typical *Townie*.. and there he was in his overall and green wellies .. your average pig farmer :P. No wonder they had to put it down and not give it a chance. But here we are 10 years on :) One son, one minor breakdown, one near death experience, one cancer scare, one death of brain matter plus all the crap the kids have thrown at us over the years... Oh yes.. not forgetting the Bloody Golf..lol. Still here :).. I can close my eyes and remember the feeling I had the first time I met him (without the wellies).. Time is all we have folks.. so best take it day by day and enjoy it, as history as proved in my case .. you never know what massive low or high is round the corner. But most important is the love we share :)

XX sleep well
New title folks :).. well almost :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Men are such devious creatures :/

Yes they are!!!.. The latest to the long running soap opera that is my fight with being a golf widow :(
Well folks........ He has played his trump card so to speak :(.. My biggest grievance with his golf playing has been the lack of time it leaves to spend with his son. So yes... you guessed it.. Hes started talking William with him.. (Note to Mr P.. I don't want to hear that your 3 daughters have suddenly acquired an interest in golf either!)....... :(.. what's more he has him booked in for lessons and has purchased him his own clubs and bag :(((((((((((( So.. not only am I golf a widow but it also seems my job as a parent is in question. Ggggggggrrr Not a lot to say to that other than.. in order to see my family I am going to have to take up golf too :(.. How crap is that! *Me rolls on floor with legs in the air and gives up!!*

Oh yes.. I received a reply to my nasty e.mail from said person wanting to sell his wares through my site. :/.. I was surprised to say the least. It went something like this........
I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety problems...etc... and that you don't like my anxiety programme...etc.. But I have devoted my life to helping other with anxiety. *MY BUTT*.. and so have to find a way to earn an income.. *TRY GETTING A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US* Half the cost goes to manufacturing *AND PIGS FLY MATE* and its far cheaper than the cost of therapy sessions :/.. *Hmmmm well as you live in America I can understand that.. God bless the NHS. Thank you for your e.mail as all feedback is useful even the negative..... OH bless do I feel guilty NO I BLOODY WELL DON'T!!

Other than that.. things are great.. the weather is fab..:) and all is well with the world :) Sleep well Chucks :)

Sunday, May 11, 2003

I'm going to Hell because I am a pervert! But shh! Don't tell anyone.
You're one of those perverts. You know what I'm
talking about.

Clean yourself up, and
get outside more! Fucker.

Why Will You Go To Hell?
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Me????????????? A Perv????????????? :(
Small Rant Coming up.. Pin Your Ears Back! :)

I got an e.mail the other day from a guy claiming to have read my web page :/.. Hhhhmm me think not mate!.. Well to cut a long story short he wants me to post a link to his site :(.. 'What's wrong with that' you may ask.. well .. on checking out his site its one of thoughs.. Give me your money and I'll tell you how to get over anxiety websites :(. Well when I had managed to calm down I sent him a rather nasty e.mail telling him just what I thought of him!.. I mean really... Life is bloody hard enough with this type of problem without dick heads like this person trying to remove your hard earned cash in the so called promise of a quick cure :(.. I can see what he has done... Punched anxiety into Google and my site is one of the top on the list.. The B*****D!!. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that if I had such a quick fix for this problem I would not be selling it for over £100 but would be happy to post it on here for all to use :).. In the knowledge that some other person would not have to suffer needlessly. Ggggrrrrrr..

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Thanks to Rach for the above test...hehe.. it seems I'm not as mad as i thought I was :)
Enough air miles to get to Australia :)

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. LMAO.. Its a bit like waiting for a bus... You don't see one for days then half a dozen come along at the same time :)
Thanks for the tags and comments guys and Bro!!.. Put Huge smiles on my face :)
Thanks ever so for the comment from Ariel ;).. but I already have enough air mails to get to Australia from my Ann Summers online purchases..LOL.. and as much as 6" of jelly like Vibrating plastic doesn't demand back massages ;/.. its just not the same as the real thing :(

Sadly the situation is the same :( and I cant seem to focus on anything else at the mo . With this.. and that..and the other appearing in my inbox the other day :/ I honestly feel that certain people are enjoying my predicament :P One good thing... I sent him to the docs on Friday and she gave him some pills for his back and told him to go to the hospital for his nose :).. They managed to coteries the vessel and fingers crossed its on the mend :).. The pills are working a treat so much so .... yes wait for it.................. HE WENT TO PLAY BLOODY GOLF ON MONDAY... Bloody Men!!! Is it me or has he just lost the plot?.. He says my nagging drove him too it :(.. LMAO.. So guess who's not getting any even though hes feeling better now!

Just off to give his golf clubs a nice burial.. and see how long it takes him to find them in the newly ploughed field at the back of our house :0

Luv to all :)

Friday, May 02, 2003

New Title Please Mr Stone!!

Its Raining folks so I'm back :(
I Feel like a fraud... The title I mean.. I feel its time for a change.. Any Suggestions??
SEX What's that?.. Hubby's back is no better..:(.. And to add a twist to the situation he now has a problem with his nose :/
Every time he comes near me and his blood pressure rises (as it does with the male of the species).. his nose bleeds really bad :(
I'm afraid the lack of attention is taking its tole on me and I'm not sure how long I can hold out :P I fear this will be a real test of marital vows:/
I feel Maybe a good time for a meeting with my *special friend* . He Knows who he is :P
Its a strange thing.... The woman tends to control when.. where etc.. and gets it on demand.. Its a huge shock to the system to be turned away and told.. *Not tonight dear.. I have a nose Bleed*.. Bummer ;(

Had a quick read through blog land and all seems well in the world this evening .. that's always good to hear :).. But I do kind of go a strange HULK color when I hear about people fabulous love Life *Ariel*..lol and littleme sat here with just the PC for a hug ..blub blub :(

I not done a quiz for ages.. so here goes nothing....


what's YOUR deepest secret?
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