Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Enough air miles to get to Australia :)

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. LMAO.. Its a bit like waiting for a bus... You don't see one for days then half a dozen come along at the same time :)
Thanks for the tags and comments guys and Bro!!.. Put Huge smiles on my face :)
Thanks ever so for the comment from Ariel ;).. but I already have enough air mails to get to Australia from my Ann Summers online purchases..LOL.. and as much as 6" of jelly like Vibrating plastic doesn't demand back massages ;/.. its just not the same as the real thing :(

Sadly the situation is the same :( and I cant seem to focus on anything else at the mo . With this.. and that..and the other appearing in my inbox the other day :/ I honestly feel that certain people are enjoying my predicament :P One good thing... I sent him to the docs on Friday and she gave him some pills for his back and told him to go to the hospital for his nose :).. They managed to coteries the vessel and fingers crossed its on the mend :).. The pills are working a treat so much so .... yes wait for it.................. HE WENT TO PLAY BLOODY GOLF ON MONDAY... Bloody Men!!! Is it me or has he just lost the plot?.. He says my nagging drove him too it :(.. LMAO.. So guess who's not getting any even though hes feeling better now!

Just off to give his golf clubs a nice burial.. and see how long it takes him to find them in the newly ploughed field at the back of our house :0

Luv to all :)

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