Friday, May 02, 2003

New Title Please Mr Stone!!

Its Raining folks so I'm back :(
I Feel like a fraud... The title I mean.. I feel its time for a change.. Any Suggestions??
SEX What's that?.. Hubby's back is no better..:(.. And to add a twist to the situation he now has a problem with his nose :/
Every time he comes near me and his blood pressure rises (as it does with the male of the species).. his nose bleeds really bad :(
I'm afraid the lack of attention is taking its tole on me and I'm not sure how long I can hold out :P I fear this will be a real test of marital vows:/
I feel Maybe a good time for a meeting with my *special friend* . He Knows who he is :P
Its a strange thing.... The woman tends to control when.. where etc.. and gets it on demand.. Its a huge shock to the system to be turned away and told.. *Not tonight dear.. I have a nose Bleed*.. Bummer ;(

Had a quick read through blog land and all seems well in the world this evening .. that's always good to hear :).. But I do kind of go a strange HULK color when I hear about people fabulous love Life *Ariel* and littleme sat here with just the PC for a hug ..blub blub :(

I not done a quiz for ages.. so here goes nothing....


what's YOUR deepest secret?
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