Friday, August 20, 2004

Ok Bro...New Post On its way

Busy busy
My latest fab people...Tropical fish :)

What can I say..... Move over addiction comming through :)
But this ones a bit more of a pinch on the old purse :/
Yes I bought a fab new aquarium... its 3 tanks joined together by 4 tubes... its way cool.. (pauses to smack self round head I sound like my 11 year old son :/..)
My fish include ...**DRAWS BREATH**
1 Dwarf honey gourami..named jack...Vera died of a mysterious illness :(
3 Neon Tetra.. Un named as I can't tell the little buggers apart
7 Glow Light Tetras.. Un named again for the same reason above
3 Platies 1 male named 2 females ..named blondie and mindy
3 Guppies 1 male named Spud.. and his Mrs..Mrs spud :).. ah and his bit on the side Pepsi.. (Shock horror she just gave birth to 10 fry...the dirty little bugger! Hope Mrs spud don't find out!!)
3 Cory Dora Catfish...named Spot..Strip...and Sid
3 Apple Snails (as pictured above) named.. Zippy George and Bungle ( That ones for you Bro!!)

YaY.. and today I'm a mum...or is that Fish granny :(.. I have 10 baby guppies..aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
I'm loving it.. and I've only killed 6 fish so far!! ...Lol... RIP little guys...ignorance was the reason.. I know better now..:P

Tatoo pic...hhhhhmmmmmmm its not a really good one but it gives you the idea...just ignore the fat

Well thats enough for now.. do so more catching up tomorrow..
Nite x x x