Thursday, April 08, 2004

Middle Aged Spread :(

The joys of getting older and reaching the ripe old age of 35 :P.. What can I say other than bits double in size, other bits loose the will to live and head south, suddenly there is more of me than there ever has been before :(

Boobs......... What they all about... Most of my life I have been a 32B/C cup which is quite enough when you're 5' 2" tall and 8 1/2 stone. But for some reason when I hit 30 things started to grow again , its the second coming of puberty :(.. I have spent the last year or so struggling to find bras that fit. Each time I get a bigger size and think to myself *God I can't be this big!!* and I get the bra home only to find its too small :( Well it seems I have finally found a size to fit *holds breath* 32DDD ROFL But sadly for me the Bra industry make very little for such people as I, usually you need a larger back size to go with the boobs but mine is still small at a size 32/8 but my boobs are more 38/ its all a bit scary. Will this inflation continue?.. Will I ever seem certain bits of my body again without the use of a mirror?..

Friday, April 02, 2004

Disaster!!...The Dog Ate My Pigs :(

Oh dear........ Sounds like a title from a really bad B Movie..:(.. But sadly its the truth!!.. I'm wearing black and all the curtains are closed :O.. The lovely Pippin decided to murder In cold blood 5 of my pigs :(. Bummer!!..
There I was minding my own business doing a bit in the garden.. Forget to check that the conservatory door was properly shut.... He slipped past me while I was in the greenhouse and killed 5 of them, leaving only 3 :( I'm amazed that he could kill 5 in a matter of a minute, as I had just come out of the garage. I walked back in to find him stood in the middle of the pen, with a large smile on his face, and a "Look how clever I am mum" in his eye..:( When I looked in the pen all around him were bodies :(.. Broken little pig bodies... *Balls head off** On further inspection of these little bodies, not a mark was found :/.. He must have broken all their necks as there was no sign of any injury on any of them. So at least they didn't suffer. I don't think I would have coped if they had been chewed up, blood and guts and all that.:(
So we had a mass funeral, under the coffin shaped shed that Rod was building in the corner of the garden ironically to house the pigs and keep them away from the dog!.. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR

Oh well SHIT happens I guess :(.. Other than that I turned 35 on Monday :( and I have the flu :( again :(.