Thursday, April 08, 2004

Middle Aged Spread :(

The joys of getting older and reaching the ripe old age of 35 :P.. What can I say other than bits double in size, other bits loose the will to live and head south, suddenly there is more of me than there ever has been before :(

Boobs......... What they all about... Most of my life I have been a 32B/C cup which is quite enough when you're 5' 2" tall and 8 1/2 stone. But for some reason when I hit 30 things started to grow again , its the second coming of puberty :(.. I have spent the last year or so struggling to find bras that fit. Each time I get a bigger size and think to myself *God I can't be this big!!* and I get the bra home only to find its too small :( Well it seems I have finally found a size to fit *holds breath* 32DDD ROFL But sadly for me the Bra industry make very little for such people as I, usually you need a larger back size to go with the boobs but mine is still small at a size 32/8 but my boobs are more 38/ its all a bit scary. Will this inflation continue?.. Will I ever seem certain bits of my body again without the use of a mirror?..

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