Monday, September 27, 2004

I just had to post this..ROFL....

Your Boobies' Names Are: Beavis and Butthead

Well its been totally mad here..lots of builders butts... ginger electricians leaving my freezer turned off..grrrrrrrr... plumbers..gas fitters... need I go on. But yes folks we finally got it all sorted... Garage converted..daughter moved in!!!..that gets the noisy trout out of the way and maybe now we can all get some sleep. Her old room re vamped and decorated for William.. who is way chuffed with all the space.. and he can finally have his mates round to play on his X.Box..YAY.. its not talking room and the TV in the living room!!!.. Dining room back to what its meant to be.. so we can now eat food in comfort!!!.. Hey Men to that folks.. and yes...the most important of all I got my OFFICE/CHESS WORKROOM :).. I can shut the door and hide away..its fab!!.. also got a new PC to go with it.. I'm in heaven :).. Oh yes and the new 5' x 2' x 18" tank that has taken over the living room.. ROFL... Ok maybe I have a problem with visualizing size of objects..LOL Bought it of E.bay for bargain price.. Took 3 Strong guys to lift the bloody thing!! Its now full of fish/weed/wood and looks bloody fab!! :) Pics to follow

All I have to do now is swap the PC for the new one.. set these one up in sons new room and set up a new home network!!.. Then its all done....well almost..they have to come back to do the bathroom. Slight problem with that though.. seems B & Q don't think that a toilet is part of a bathroom "Oh sorry madame you seem to be missing your pan".. "Really delivery man!!.. you don't say" "And what am I to do with no loo please tell me?"... "erm duno about that"... god the guy was thick and he had ginger hair too.. I'm beginning to have a problem with guys with ginger hair..GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR I think there should be screening so non of them ever make it past the Fallopian tube!!

Daughter returned to really.. can't believe it myself.. well it was either that or get a job!!!.. she thought school was the easy option. She did pass her ICT course last year, despite never going to any The school refused to let her back at first.. but after a few phone calls she got in. Shes doing psychology Performing arts and God help the world when she's gets out there for real is all I can say!

After 12 years of doing the school run I find myself redundant :). William has started walking too and from school on his own..bless him :P Its kind of sad though... my baby's are all grown up :/ it makes me feel like I have wished away their lives so I can have mine back. And the bloody anxiety ribbed me of 4 years too. But I still feel really lucky.. most people never get over it. and her is me living life like it never happened :) I just wish I could take hold of people who suffer and help them in some way to see it the way I see it..then the penny would drop as it did with me. If the truth be known I'd heal the world if I could.. one life sacrifice for a better future for the human race .. It would be worth it!!!

I never really went into what the clairvoyant said to me did I?.. I#ll leave that for another day :P

Have a good one and love the ones closest to you, cos you never know when they will be gone :/ nite nite