Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas.. BLAH............

The joy that is being gibbering again... NOT!! Im so glad that the mind forgets how bad it feels over time otherwise we would never get well. Living with a servere anxiety disorder can really get me down at times and the worst of it has been mainly due to fact that before this happened again I was so well, meaning I had that much further to fall :(. My brain was stuck in normal nothing gets to me mode and has taken quite a few weeks to come to terms with my new state of gibbering. Having lost about 12lbs so far due to churning stomach and no apetite I'm finally forcing myself to eat again. Ive had to go back on some meds just to try and get a break from the symptoms mainly beta blockers, and this has helped setled things down. Ive also gone back to the doctors who has given me a very low dose antidepresent in an effort to try and calm my racing brain. Funny thing is Ive always hated the idea of talking meds and has always just got on with it, but now at almost 40 I feel ive wasted enough time on this bloody condition and am willing to give the meds ago to try and get it under control once and for all. I think the fact that my condition has been stable for so long mostly due to the St Johns wort has made me realise that there is some type of chemical inbalance in my brain that needs adressing. Throughout the whole of my life Ive suffered with anxiety of one kind or another. Infact my very first memories are of anxiety :( So its time to give the low dose meds ago and see if they work for me and help stablise things.

Product review..
Panic Away...

I have over the years via this site been asked to review products to do with anxiety. Mostly I dont bother unless they send me it But in a moment of weakness I decided to give a go. Its not cheap by any means and I was sceptical but I had some cash sat in my paypal account so I thought what the hell nothing ventured nothing gained and all that.
I have to say its one of the most complexed things Ive read on Panic attacks and GAD. It pretty much explains everything you ever wanted to know in there :) Ive had certain symptoms with my anxiety that have about driven me nuts. I've never seen them either explained or even mentioned in most literature so that led me to believe that it was just a problem that I had, which in turn made me feel far worse about things. But there they where, written down in plain speak with a really good explanation and tips to help you deal with each problem :)
Its such a common sense approach to the problem that anyone can use it without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to learn. If nothing else it wil help you gain an understanding of the problem and how to start and tackle it. I give it 9/10 for content and useability