Saturday, June 28, 2003

Its Raining :)

And they have forecast more over the weekend.. maybe just the incentive I need to get my butt back on this page and do some of the stuff I have been saying I would. I must admit that I'm on top of things now so hope to have more time too :)

I nearly fell of my chair the other day.. 'Broadband Reaches Sunny Pocklington'.. LMAO.. Yes people.. enough pig farmers got their acts together and they have confirmed it for August the 6th.. hehe.. So I have signed up in the hope that with a more flexible connection I will get my own act together :P

Have Been doing a lot of thinking about life/the past/the future over the past weeks. :/.. maybe cos its my daughters birthday in 6 weeks time. She will be sixteen. My god where has all the time gone :O.. Its brought a flood of stuff to the front of my brain that I will write about in a later post when I can make more sense of it.

Well just a quickie tonite.. sorry this morning ..hehe. Hope your all well ..
Sleep well chucks :) x

Monday, June 23, 2003


What can I say...:O.. I return to make a post and they have changed everything :(
Couldn't remember my bloody password either as its been so long.. I just took a few guesses in the end and got there :).. and when I get in I find.. Nice new Blogger pro Screen :).. And it is much better laid out than the other.. Its fab :)

Well folks to start with I will apologies for the lack of posts these past few weeks :/
I get the impression from comments and e.mails you all think I have had a breakdown and am currently residing in the Home For Bewildered Of East Yorkshire :P.. Sorry to disappoint but no!!.. I'm alive and very well and generally having such a bloody good time I haven't found the time to be on the net much :/
The weather has been gorgeous, infact better than I can remember in years, So I have been making the most of it. Lots of gardening *YAWN*.. lol.. Plenty of pub evenings :P and just generally finding out how bloody good life can be when your not a gibbering wreck! And yes I did mention puds... hehe.. felt so great I have even started to have the odd drink again and its been fab :) Just to clear up a point..... I didn't stop drinking because I was an alcoholic :P... but mainly due to the fact it made my nerves worse and so felt it best to give it a miss for a while.. Having said that the miss turned out to be longer than I had first thought.. 3 years ... AAARRGGGHHHH
Family update... Don't nod off people it has to be done!!
My daughter managed to scrape through her exams.. she only missed 1 in the end. She's still not on top form but is getting there and planning to stay on in the 6th form to do ICT. So I bought her a new PC as the old one resembled something from the stone age and I'm very protective of my own PC :P
Son... well he's not been well either .. he got a really bad cold on top of his hey fever... bless him.. and ended up having nearly 2 weeks off school... so its been a bit of a nightly ward round dishing out the medicines for the past few weeks.
Hubby.... well we came to an understanding over the golf.. mainly cos when we went out other guys kept staring at me and chatting me up when I went to the bar.. LMAO.. I think he suddenly realized what was important in life ;)

Well that's about it really... its been great..:)
Hope your all well. I have been checking in on my blog roll from time to time just to keep up to speed and maybe now I will sort myself out and start posting comments again and making more posts :)
Sleep well chucks and stay Happy :)

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Two weeks and not a post.. :(
Normal service will resume shortly... what ever normal is :P

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Just a Quickie

Still alive :)..
Daughter has Glandular Fever in the middle of her exams :(
Son has Chronic hay fever..swollen eyes.. nose bleeds and is a grumpy as an old git!
Husband back on the bloody golf course... without son as he decided he *Didn't want to play with the hard balls any more daddy!*... Lmao
and me.... well not 2 bad just going with the flow and slowly loosing the will to live as all around me falls apart :( But no change there then folks!