Saturday, June 28, 2003

Its Raining :)

And they have forecast more over the weekend.. maybe just the incentive I need to get my butt back on this page and do some of the stuff I have been saying I would. I must admit that I'm on top of things now so hope to have more time too :)

I nearly fell of my chair the other day.. 'Broadband Reaches Sunny Pocklington'.. LMAO.. Yes people.. enough pig farmers got their acts together and they have confirmed it for August the 6th.. hehe.. So I have signed up in the hope that with a more flexible connection I will get my own act together :P

Have Been doing a lot of thinking about life/the past/the future over the past weeks. :/.. maybe cos its my daughters birthday in 6 weeks time. She will be sixteen. My god where has all the time gone :O.. Its brought a flood of stuff to the front of my brain that I will write about in a later post when I can make more sense of it.

Well just a quickie tonite.. sorry this morning ..hehe. Hope your all well ..
Sleep well chucks :) x

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