Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Change to the rules of engagement :(

Having re read the bit below I now smile to myself in a *You silly Moo* kinda way :P
Future rule being this!.. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT REACTION!!!!.. rofl.
The guy turned out to be a d**h**d of a grade one magnitude :(
I find myself rapidly loosing the will to live when it comes to the male of the species :/.
Oh well I live to fight on another day.. A little more bruised in the ego department, but hey, its all a learning curve.

That brings me onto the subject of.. *can men and women really be friends, without sex rearing its ugly head?*
I know some people seem to manage it ok. And I have thought that at times myself. But when I dig a little deeper there is always an underlying sexual attraction fueling the friendship :/.. Almost like its better to have a small piece of a person than have nothing at all. Oh.. and the little glimmer of hope in the background that maybe one day you could be more than just good friends. I'm not sure what to make of it all myself :/
I have an Ex who I think the world of, even though we parted 11 years ago now, we are still close and keep in contact via phone e.mail etc. Mainly cos of the way we parted I think.
I always felt I was holding him back, stopping him doing what he wanted to , and the last thing I wanted was for him to come to me in future years and say "You're the reason I didn't make it!"... So I left. I'm sure he didn't understand at the time, though I did try and explain and have since also tried to explain my reasons.
And so the friendship remains. My husband put his foot down about 2 years ago and said I wasn't allowed to have anymore contact with him. He said it was obvious that there was still something between us. I did my best to convince him that there wasn't anything. We were just good friends and that was it! But deep inside I knew he was right.
So can men and women ever just be good friends? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm duno :/