Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Men are such devious creatures :/

Yes they are!!!.. The latest to the long running soap opera that is my fight with being a golf widow :(
Well folks........ He has played his trump card so to speak :(.. My biggest grievance with his golf playing has been the lack of time it leaves to spend with his son. So yes... you guessed it.. Hes started talking William with him.. (Note to Mr P.. I don't want to hear that your 3 daughters have suddenly acquired an interest in golf either!)....... :(.. what's more he has him booked in for lessons and has purchased him his own clubs and bag :(((((((((((( So.. not only am I golf a widow but it also seems my job as a parent is in question. Ggggggggrrr Not a lot to say to that other than.. in order to see my family I am going to have to take up golf too :(.. How crap is that! *Me rolls on floor with legs in the air and gives up!!*

Oh yes.. I received a reply to my nasty e.mail from said person wanting to sell his wares through my site. :/.. I was surprised to say the least. It went something like this........
I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety problems...etc... and that you don't like my anxiety programme...etc.. But I have devoted my life to helping other with anxiety. *MY BUTT*.. and so have to find a way to earn an income.. *TRY GETTING A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US* Half the cost goes to manufacturing *AND PIGS FLY MATE* and its far cheaper than the cost of therapy sessions :/.. *Hmmmm well as you live in America I can understand that.. God bless the NHS. Thank you for your e.mail as all feedback is useful even the negative..... OH bless do I feel guilty NO I BLOODY WELL DON'T!!

Other than that.. things are great.. the weather is fab..:) and all is well with the world :) Sleep well Chucks :)

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