Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Slug With A Hangover??

No people, I'm not talking about either myself or the nice little beer traps I have in my garden but BLOGGER :( .. Is it me.. or has blogger been running really slowly over the last few days. If Your lucky after 5 mins you get the background :( Not Good me thinks :(.. Not that I can moan, as their people still haven't taken any money out of my account for my Blog Spot Plus account.. :P.. Strange.. I thinks its time I left them a little reminder :O

Rain Rain.. Bloody Rain... With the current weather situation I'm going to have to apply for planning to have my greenhouse roof lifted :).. My plants have grown to such huge proportions due to the sunshine and mild weather I currently have a slight Beanstalk situation going on :(.. With these bloody hailstone showers we keep having I dare not put my offspring out to the mercy of the weather. Bless.. that's just how sad my life has become :(.. worrying about bloody bedding plants :(.. and Golf.... and teenage mood swings.
Speaking of teenagers (my blood boils at the very thought :(..).. It was my daughters last day at school on Friday :(.. God that makes me feel old, and I wasn't prepared for how it would make me feel either. Don't seem 2 mins since I was doing that.. and now its my daughter... aaarrggghhhh.
They had a party in a field ... yes.. in a field.... and yes it p****d down all Friday.. lol So there were a lot of very soggy drunken slug like lay abouts creating holly hell in 4 large tents :).. lmao.. youth.... Needless to say she returned home with a large love bite on her neck, worse for ware and not able to remember much :(.. Am I a bad parent??.. Well one thing I have learned is if you say they can't.. then they will surely do their best to do in behind your back anyway.. so best allow it within limits.

I intend to spend some time sorting my other site... "My God ".. I hear you cry... yes folks.. scanner is working now and with all this bloody rain I'm hoping to have some spare time over the weekend so will do some work at long last :P

Luv and Hugs x x

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