Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Boobs Like Sam Fox :O

Me sniggers in anticipation of the many hits I will get from the pervs using the search engines ;)
But there is a point to the title honest :P... Not posted just to increase page hits...
An explanation is in order... lol... Yes... I'll bloody get on with it!!
One of the *Perks*... of being an anxious gibbering wreck is that your metabolism runs very high and you also tend to not eat much as your stomach constantly churns :(... So... being over weight and putting on large amounts of weight has never been much of an issue throughout my life :).. Always been between 7 and 8 stone , and at 5' 2" tall that's a reasonable weight. Now however with Mrs Gibbering firmly buried under a large rock in my garden ... and also mid life creeping upon me I find myself struggling :(.. New acquisitions being a Jennifer Lopez Butt and boobs that Jordan would not turn her nose up at :(... Great I hear you cry... 'Curves are in'.... Yes.. but sadly with the rapid onset of *More chins than a Chinese phone book* that seems to be attached to the boobs and butt :( I'm not so impressed with my new look. I have taken to doing chair aerobics while on the PC in the hope of preventing butt growth.. oh yes and selling my body to the highest bidder :)... for gardening purposes only people ;P
A change is needed with overall outlook on food and eating as I'm sure mother nature is waiting in the background with her finger on the button smiling.. and when she presses said button certain parts of my body will rapidly migrate south in hope of finding a warmer climate :(

Sleep well chucks and stay happy :)

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