Sunday, May 11, 2003

Small Rant Coming up.. Pin Your Ears Back! :)

I got an e.mail the other day from a guy claiming to have read my web page :/.. Hhhhmm me think not mate!.. Well to cut a long story short he wants me to post a link to his site :(.. 'What's wrong with that' you may ask.. well .. on checking out his site its one of thoughs.. Give me your money and I'll tell you how to get over anxiety websites :(. Well when I had managed to calm down I sent him a rather nasty e.mail telling him just what I thought of him!.. I mean really... Life is bloody hard enough with this type of problem without dick heads like this person trying to remove your hard earned cash in the so called promise of a quick cure :(.. I can see what he has done... Punched anxiety into Google and my site is one of the top on the list.. The B*****D!!. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that if I had such a quick fix for this problem I would not be selling it for over £100 but would be happy to post it on here for all to use :).. In the knowledge that some other person would not have to suffer needlessly. Ggggrrrrrr..

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