Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (10).. Gggrrrr rating (10)..:O

32 Nine year olds/20 Pairs of scissors/20 Pots of Glue/ Large pile of used denim jeans ????:(

Who would believe that the above would turn into a version of a living hell :(
My God!!! Was I insane to be a *Parent Helper*.. complete with badge :P
Well....... what can I say ........ other than... Kids were never so cheeky when I was at school, and the poor teachers :(.. its not a wage they should get, but more apt would be danger money on a par to the SAS. And the laugh was she asked who the room would like *MRS FORDS* help.. 32 hands went up with expectant faces beneath :/.. I thought to myself.. 'hhhhmm pick a table with some cute little girls on.. easy afternoon'... But NO!!!.. she changed her mind and placed with a table full of the class horrors AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH.. then proceeded to apologies for my forth coming torture :(.. LMAO.. Yes I'm laughing because any child that has ever visited our house for tea will tell you that I make the average loud teacher look positively angelic. Needless to say.. they never stood a chance!!. I soon had the 8 little terrors eating out of my hand , and yes.. we even managed to get some major sticking/cutting/money box building done. I will admit at this point when I first entered the class room, made my way to the back so not to detract the little darlings :P and began to listen to the teacher shouting instructions it was like being back in school all over again :(.. and a minor panic attack had me wanting to flee at great speed to the nearest exit :(.. But I was strong ..lol.. and stayed and a good afternoon was had by all :).. so much so I'm off back tomorrow to repeat the performance :)

Sleep well :)

Oh yes...lol.. I even got 3 house points for my efforts ;).. and thats no joke either :)

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