Saturday, March 15, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (2).. Gggrrr rating..(2)

Well I have been informed that I must make a post..:).. Not that anyone is really interested, but here goes the excitement that has been my life over the past few days.
Got Up.. Did house work.. Went to bed
Got up.. Did more housework.. went to bed again
Got up............ LMAO.. I think you get the message ;)
The red nose day head gear went down a treat :).. So much so he made the local paper.. lol.. Fame at last :).. Well that is a small lie.. he also got in the paper at Christmas with my fantastic Cardboard tree :).. Only prob is, the school now want to recruit me for future art projects :(.. Not my idea of fun, classroom full of other peoples kids :(.. I have enough of a headache coping with my own ;)

The blogging world seems to be having a bit of a lull at the mo. People not bothering to post for days on end, and some even going AWOL never to be herd of again. Is there something I should know?.. Have I missed something? Or maybe its this new PC virus : O Or maybe we just full of the joys of spring. And would rather be in our greenhouses pricking out our seedlings :P.. well It works for me folks!.. And yes I need a life .. and yes when I grow up into a big girl I will go get one :)

Sleep well chucks .. and be good out there! :P

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