Sunday, March 09, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) ... Grrr rating (0)

No posts over the past few days... been too busy hanging out in my own head :P.. and as I have multiple personalities its not that hard to do either :)
'I hunger for social relationships' ?... My arse!!.. I hate people, I hate crowds, and generally am very happy in my own company with my other personalities!.. lol. Now lets be honest about this... yes I do like my own company, but I also enjoy the company of my friends too, but I will admit only when I'm in the mood. I'm a very moody person you see.. Love you to death one minuet, then scratch your eyes out the next! Ask my hubby he will tell you. He never knows who is going to wake up with next :P

Had a fun day today playing in my garden... Yes I know its boring but hey, this girl is easily pleased :) Up to date with all my jobs at home for spring.... I need to be organised or a find my anxiety will creep in if I feel things are getting on top of me :(
Kids back at school tomorrow :).. My son got a major telling off on Friday as He called the teacher 'NASTY' when she told the class they couldn't do P.E. LOL.. Hes got a very short fuse like his dad, and when hes tired or not well he seems to develop Tarets Hes just getting to that age where the cute lovable kid I knew gets 'Taken'.. and an obnoxious monster is put in his place :)
Speaking of 'TAKEN' have you been watching it? Its really good.. One of the best Sci Fi things I have seen on telly for a long while.
Time for bed... Sleep well XX

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