Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ok I Did It

Yes folks I finally kicked out the old template for a nice new one :)
And I love it. When I first started my blog it was with a fatkitty template.. So I thought I should stick with tradition and go with........... hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm... wwwwwelllllll.. *Scared out of its life* I'll admit to pinching graphic from another site..hehe but have edited it to fit in with the blog. Hope it makes you smile, and don't give you nightmares :)
Oh and thanx again to Ali for helping me with a few sticky bits "cheques in the post hun ;)"
Well things are great here :)... Kids had a good crimbo.. Son got an X box which he has spent so long playing his eyes now resemble kitty above..scary. I must admit I have had a go myself :).. But I'm total Kitty Poo at it... Something to do with the hand to eye co ordination thingy... mine was left out at conception.. and I don't think its something you can purchase on an Egg card :)..oh well good excuse for more practice me thinks :)
Enough for today... I'll do my *year end ramblings* tomorrow.. Sleep well chucks :) x

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