Thursday, June 17, 2004

Its official, I'm Having A Mid Life Crisis :P

Yes folks.. Sat her with a sore stomach :P.. Why may you ask?....... Well.......... In a sheer moment of madness I went and had my belly button pierced last week.. LMAO
My daughter had wanted hers doing for ages... So I thought.. What the heck lets go for it. Well she went first... There idea not mine and almost passed I walked into the room after the event for mine doing and she was sat in a chair looking a strange green colour. Ok you may think.. I've had too kids for god sake.. How painful can this be? *note at this point I had already picked out a small tattoo to be done straight after the belly!!* So I lies on the bed .. Heart almost beating out of my chest, but otherwise not panicky at all, great I though No Problem!!.. Clamp went on :/.. Ok Brace Yourself!! I'm glad I didn't look at the Needle thing they use as I would have passed out there and then. ROFL . Yes Folks It hurt like hell. But I was brave just let out a small *ouch!!!* I thought to myself that's not too bad. Put my head up and looked down to find it was not finished There was this strange looking appliance half way through my stomach and this had to be pulled back through with the bar on and my god that hurt!! But yet again I was brave.. *like Hell I was* I sat up and felt ok had a little chat about aftercare etc. just to get my breath before round then suddely after about 5 mins I went green!! and had a massive panic attack!! Not that anyone in the room realized, they just thought I felt a little unwell and faint :) So I chickened out of the tattoo ... ***WHIMP*** and am going back next week when this belly has had time to heal. Though I must say after just 6 days its Ok not painful, unless you catch it that is :/ and its healing well thank goodness.
Only problem is.. Due to that fact I have had 2 kids my belly in that area is not as firm as it should be, so the large clear diamond stone in the lower half of the bar seems to be swallowed almost to the point it looks like a cavers pit helmet light shining from the opening of a huge cavern!! Never mind I'll just have to go for the *REVERSE DANGLE*.. Yes I know that sounds painful but I assure you its not, its just another type of naval bar :0

Other News.......
Errrrrmmmmmmm well I'm suffering serious withdrawal at the mo as my fav show STARGATE SG1 has finished :(... blub blub... What is a girl to do?......... ermmmmmmmm buy the first 5 series on sounds bloody good to me!! Just think.. I can watch him over and over again... can pause him and speed him up when he's getting on my tits! Sounds like the perfect hubby to me :P I have just purchased some new software/hardware that allows me to watch telly on my PC and also edit it and any other type of media such as Video and DVD even my old camcorder films.. YAY. So now I can not only play him back and forth, but I can cut him into pieces *saving the best bits* and make even more Wallpaper/Screensavers. aaaaaahhhhhhhh Blissssssssssss.

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