Thursday, July 22, 2004

Someone Pinch Me.. Another month just went by :( Gulp
God I love blogger.. I go away for a month and bugger me... lots more new fab features :) making the bloging thing easier to do... YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to that folks god I'm loving this,  me thinks I need to get out more.. Well funny you should say that but.............
Been out lots!! yes lots!! Had a great weekend at my parents (On my own with no family in  and I can't tell you how freaky that was to be sleeping in a bedroom I was last in when I was 17 :P   And to be without any responsibilities too...  wow it was like being 17 again.. out on the town with mates etc!.lol  well maybe a little over zelast with the last comment, but it was great to see a few people again.  Yes ... we had a few minor panic attacks thrown in for good measure but nothing I couldn't handle :) I feel really Proud of myself :P
Had my Tattoo done... Major panic attack that evening.. almost jumped out of the car twice and legged it down the  but I hung on in there.. and what can I say... what a total wimp,  It didn't hurt a I felt such a fool.  But it looks really cute  (small ladybird on the inside of my hip. aaaaawwwwwww) all healed now and just sits above the top of my jeans with his googlie FAB
Other news... erm.....  My pig eating dog decided to start doing escapeology.  Put him in the garden... ermmm.. go out 5 mins later.. No dog!!... half an hour round the town looking for the little reprobate.. still no dog!!.. then 10 mins later.. phone call from local school ..  "Do you have a dog called Pippin?....  Yes....   Well could you please come and collect him from the football field?.... why? .... because he's playing 5 aside with year 8"..  ROFL.... He must have enjoyed it so much he's escaped another 3 times since and can all ways be found on the football field.. lol   So we took drastic action... Major improvements to the fence.. oh yes. and the small matter of removal of 2 testicals... hehe..  He's sat at the side of me now having come back from the vets today  with a new stagger in his walk and an empty sack!.. lol  Don't think he'll be going anywhere for a while
Nite chucks x x

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