Monday, November 15, 2004


Sorry couldn't think of a title :)
what's been going on bro?........ erm duno really too damn busy to draw breath I guess. What with B & Q proving to be a pain in the butt with my multi coloured bathroom. LOL oh yes finally got all the bits..takes of wrapping to fit them and they are different shades...ggggggggrrrrrr. I give in. So I know have a bath fitted (looks good)...we had to put the old sink back in as the other would take another 28 days... but sadly the new fittings wouldn't reach the old I have a sink with no water :/ my god!! oh yes and lets not get into the loo saga..we could be here all night :(

With the new office/workroom space I decided to get stuck in with the chess sets again. Sadly it seems every tom dick and talentless harry has decided to have a go too, so e.bay is now awash with hand made (but I must say naff!!) chess sets. So I have had to pick up my game so to speak. I have built a new website with hosting this time so no adds!! made new templates for my auctions and employed every underhanded tactic in the book to get ahead. Well hey what is a girl to do when the going gets tough!!..

Fish............ erm yes I got lots of them :P.. I now have 4 tanks..ROFL and my fish are breeding like mad, about 100 babies so oh yes and the apple snails are rampant too!! but they take forever to hatch :( fingers crossed I get lots of babies from the many clusters of eggs they have laid.

Husband........ still playing golf!! enough said on that subject!!. He was stood on the toilet seat the other day, tiling the wall behind it when I heard a sudden crash.. I just left him too it cos he gets real grumpy if you try and help. Anyhow 20 mins later he hobbles down the stairs looking dazed and unhapppy...shame I thought..(not!!) turns out he fell through the old toilet seat straight into the loo..ROFL.. but he managed to get a huge pieces of plastic from the seat tuck in the sole of his foot..OUCHHHHHHHHH. nasty gash too..and blood all over the bathroom. serves him right. I told him to use the step stool..but he never listens to me :/

part 2 when I can get my butt in gear :P

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