Friday, December 10, 2004


Well its that time of year again folks..Eat too much..spend too much..then spend next year trying to pay back for this year :/ Getting stuffed too much in more ways than one ;)

The usual Pig arrived im my utility :( in bits mind you. .that does help. .and it was dead too, also a help when you're trying to cut it up and bag it :P So its been a mad chopping , packing and trying to rehome all its porky portions :) We must be mad. .we do it every year :/ I still got about 7 chunks of last years big mamma in the freezer. Oh well..
I was a little miffed when I came into the office to find 2 eyeballs 1 ear and a snout staring up at me :(... What my husband thinks is a joke. .I'm not so sure myself . .its was

I'm currently sporting a rather attractive brace people :/ In a momant of madness I decided to have something done about my top teath. They have bugged me for years, all crooked and the fang that sticks out of the side. I looked like a half cocked vampire, not an attractive look at all :( So its ...talking complete rubbish and no one understands a word I say ...time. And my mouth hurts so much I haven't even got the strength to shout at the kids!. .lol And when I do they just laugh at me and make nasty comments about "how they could'nt understand a word I just spluttered"..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr So i'm keeping a low profile for a while. Just while I learn to speak again. The dentist assures me it will only take about 12

Its nearly time for a blog re vamp me thinks :) and I have just the graphic in mind, if only I could remmember how to use my paint shop pro. .lol Its the brace. .the super fang must be attached to my brain and I'm currently picking up radio 2 with great ease, sadly this is having a mind numbing effect on my brain and leaving me with periods of lost memory, and I keep dropping off to sleep without any notice.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Damn that Steve Right!!

Enough for now.....
Note for the day!!
Be carefull what pet you choose!!.. as its well known we grow to look like them in the end!
If you scroll below you can see that wil give you a great idea of what I look like ;) the dog is a great give away :P

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