Thursday, January 23, 2003

Anxiety rating..(1) Ggggrrrr rating..(1) :)

Hello good evening and welcome :) Hows your day been? All ok I hope :)
Its getting to the end of the week again and yes my page views drop dramatically lol
New to my 'Web Blog World' this evening, in the boys corner ..Listener A very nice chap from Surrey I do believe. I have been reading his page for a while now and its nice to see a 'bloke' talking about his feelings :) rather than just just skipping over the juicy bits we all want to read. He also writes some fab poems too, very deep :P

I had an e.mail from an old school friend last night through Friends Reunited It came as a bit of a shock as we went to middle school together when we were about 11...aaaaaawwwwwww sweet. It brought back some strange memories. And reminded me of what a dysfunctional human being I was and still am for that matter. I always avoided the 'in crowd' like the plague, I have a hate for arrogance and selfish behavior always have and always will. Preferred to hang around with the misfits, you get empathy and consideration from such people. Not "is that supposed to be fashion" Like I really cared then and still don't give a damn now! I have to smile when I on the odd occasion see the 'in crowd' mainly because they are over weight, look about 45 and have miserable faces that resemble a slapped arse :) They look at me and say 'wow you have changed' I glance down my nose at them and reply ' I'm surprised you have your head out of your butt long enough to notice' hhmmmmm but I'm not bitter!! honest..and if you believe that then you need more help than I do!
Revenge is a sweet dish best served cold! Nite Nite x

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