Thursday, January 16, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)..Stress Level..(4)

Just to bore you all into a coma I have added a stress level..LMAO...I'm so bored!!:-( Every brain cell is screaming for input but I'm too bloody tired to give a damn. Can't even think of anything witty to say or even sarcastic..:-o It must be bad! Some days I could write for hours then others complete mental block. I'm sure your all aware of what I'm talking about. Its either that or Its senile dementia and there is no hope:-(
Been playing about more with my downloads, I cant believe how rude some people are, they wait till you get 80% loaded and then cut you off without a word.the b******S. How rotten can you be, you go back to the main screen and yes there still there, but no it seems my connection is not fast enough or something. When ever someone wants something from me and I'm going offline I always pm then to say so. RUDE..just plain RUDE I bet they are all pre menstrual/hormonal women!
Sweet dreams x x x

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