Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)

I HATE XP!!!!!!
How do they get away with selling a product that clearly has more holes than the average cheese grater? I liked 98 it was simple (Like me! :) None of the problems I have had with this heap. Yes its fast, yes it looks pretty and yes it has some great new features, but what's the point to all that if they can't make a simple modem driver work on it?. Oh yes they made a quick just made the whole thing 10 times worse. I have spent the best part of an hour trying to get on line tonight and it seems to be happening to often. Its about time Microsoft pulled their finger from their fat over fed butts and sorted it!
But other than that things are fine :-)..I'm having great fun playing with my new toy. Finding lots of oldies that I love, that you cant get without buying a compilation that has another 50 songs on it you don't really want :(
It seems that there are others having probs at the mo. I see Haloscan keeps coughing and Fat kitty is currently lingering in an RSPCA of unknown origin :O and yes my Achieves have gone astray again..LMAO..I think I'll just put myself out of my misery.
Sleep well x x

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