Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) Ggggrrrrr rating..(0) :)

Big apology for the lack of a blog last night, I blame Harry Stone!..he kept me chatting till late then i had a few important e.mails to do :)

Things To Report :P
Got my blogger server problem sorted...Wow...It seems it was half them and half thick old me :0 but its working OK now so should make life a little easier.
My husband went for his brain scan results today.. For those of you who have not been reading my blog for long a few details so it all make sense:)
Last Christmas 2001 my husband come home from work in a strange state. Though he knew who he was and where he lived his short term memory had gone and he kept asking me the same questions over and over again :(..Having worked with dementia patients for a few years it scared the c**p out of me I can tell you. I rushed him round to the docs as I was so worried, and all the time she was examining him he kept asking why he was there ..AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH... It sent me into a panic but I coped fearing for the future. He was suffering with flu at the time as we all were, and wouldn't listen when I told him he should not go into work. After I had poured a couple of hot sweet cups of tea down his throat and got him to eat something I sent him to bed, full of dread for what the morning would bring. I went to join him an hour later and he seemed much better, just dazed as to what had happened. Well to cut a year story very short there has been a few strange memory issues and other problems from that day so I took him back to the doctors, who referred him for tests. He had brain scans and blood tests just before Christmas and today was the result. I must say I was expecting them to say 'he was working too hard and it was stress, plus flu at the original time' So you can understand that I was shocked when he got the results. For some unknown reason a quarter of the left lower lobe of his brain has died!! :-O They can't believe that he has no symptoms. According to the loss of brain matter he should have great problems moving all his right side, similar to a stroke. But hes totally fine, so they are at a loss as to the cause and he has to go back for another scan in a few weeks. On the positive side..lol....I can't believe I just said that... they have ruled out a brain tumor/circulation issues in the brain/blood disorders plus all his other bits are in fine working order ;-) So we may never know why/when but with no outward symptoms of a problem the long term view is good :-)

Still not sorted the sound file issue it doesn't even work through blogger..lol.. sorry people. Oscar I will send you a quickie by mail to put you out of your misery:-) lol..I'm sure it will make your day!...I wish :-)

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