Monday, January 13, 2003

Anxiety rating..(5)..:-(

Well I went and did it..threw myself of that cliff of sanity and plunged into the depths of Gibbering like all good lemmings should..:-(
I must learn to be more aware that when I start getting hyper and sex mad *blush* and am full of energy, the inevitable plummet is around the corner. Its not all bad I managed to remove my head from the toilet bowl long enough to download a few tunes..:-O.. "Too much detail" I hear you cry!!..but look at it this way is it didn't have yucky bits and stuff that makes you go ggggrrrrrrrrr in it, would it be entertaining?.Me thinks I have watched too many horror films and re-runs of the Trisha show!..LOL

Do you believe in ghosts and the afterlife? I could tell you some strange stories of things that have happened to me over the years. Things to do with the guy who was killed. Well another strange thing happened last night. I decided to download some music from the net. I have never tried it before and so got some details from my mate Ripsaw. He gave me the addy for WinMX a good place to get freebies..:-) To cut a long story short, When my friend died there was a song in the top 40. I have tried to get this song on tape etc for the past 15 years as it was never released on an album, just a one off single. I have sent away scoured archives, sent my brother out looking for it but never got a thing. It was no longer in production and had never been added to any compilations.
Just as a matter of interest I put the details in and could you believe it..:-O..there it was..only one copy available for download but it was there!..I was so shocked I pressed the button and waited for it to load. It went through without a hitch..:-) I'm totally amazed that at a time when I choose to say goodbye to this person (see poem below) I would find this record. I will admit to sitting and blubbering for over an hour after I had heard it. It brought all the old feelings back :-( I'm not sure if I believe in life after death but I cant help thinking he's giving me the nod and telling me I'm doing the right thing. No wonder I'm a wreck today!..:-D
Sleep well Chucks and be happy! x x

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