Thursday, January 09, 2003

Anxiety rating ..(1)..:-)

Cristina eat your heart out babe!

Found the link above on the forum site it really made me smile :-D
Alls well at the funny farm. Kids back to school. Me back to twiddling my thumbs again and thinking ' what am I going to do now?' ...'oh look there's an empty chair over there next to the PC, maybe 10mins before I hoover'...LoL..some things never change.
I have found some really interesting Blogs just recently. Its always an eye opener to hear other peoples troubles ups and downs, that way you don't feel quiet so alone in the world :-/ Speaking of new stuff a friend of mine has just set up a new parents forum, so if you interested take a look and join in it can be found here I will put a link with my other stuff as I intend to contribute under the topic of *battered mother of teenager needs good home!*..Sleep well all..:-)

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