Monday, January 06, 2003

Anxiety rating..(3)

The gibbering wreck is back..:-(...Kids back to school tomorrow and getting back into another routine always have a bad effect on me. Even more so with my hormones doing what they doing at the moment.
I wrote the following poem for a man I loved. He was killed in a motorway accident 15 years ago. Its just coming round to the anniversary and I thought it a good time to make peace within myself and let it lie finally.

Time to say goodbye

People come and people go
Time flies by with feelings shown
A love that lasts a lifetime through
My heart so bruised, belonged to you

The hole you left the day you died
Remains ever gaping, the tears I have cried
Words left un-said, love left un-made
You're missing from my life, I’m somehow feeling betrayed.

A future I have gained, in memory of you
Many times have been hard, but still I battled through
Days it still hurts, and sometimes I still cry
But time it has past and now its time for goodbye.

Laughing and smiling are my memories of you
My heart full of warmth and our friendship so true
Now rest in peace sweet prince, in my heart you will remain
I’ll say Goodbye with all my LOVE , until we meet again..

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