Thursday, January 02, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)

Today was son is still recovering from the cough/cold bug that has been doing the rounds. Poor love he started with it as soon as he broke up from school and it looks like it may just have gone by the time he returns next Tuesday..:-( He's been Ok though, I don't think it spoilt Christmas too much for him. The other one has just staggered in from her friends complaining of stomach pains etc...LoL It never rains but it pours when you have kids. You get one sorted and then the other starts, and as soon as that's over with , you end up with it too. No one ever mentioned such things when I started my family, it was all great and fantastic etc.... If I knew now what I know then I think I would have given it a miss and had a career!!....and probably ended up a sad lonely old spinster!!...:-D

From me to you with Luv  :-)

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