Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Anxiety rating..(1) Gggggrrrr rating (off the scale) :(

Conexant HSF V92 56K PCI plucks you from my PC and jumps up and down on you till your in a million bits!!!!!
But why don't I feel any better for it, and why has no one got a solution from my problem? Microsoft blame the modem people and guess yes the modem people blame Microsoft and in the mean time I have to spend anything up to an hour just trying to get the damn thing to work! No wonder when I do finally get online I have lost the very will to live, let alone post a witty and informative ditty to my page..GGGGGGGRRRRRR

Other than that things are OK. A few family issues over the weekend but I'm hoping they are sorting themselves out as I speak :)
Got a few e.mails to do :(.. sorry people just been brain dead and not in the mood. I must remember not to log into messenger, then I wouldn't get distracted and start talking...then OH MY GOD its 2am...oh bugger!!! and I not done a thing.
I'm off to browse through the blogs then going to curl up in bed with my lovely hubby and watch sky together till he starts snoring and I can't hear my self think let alone hear the telly :) nite nite sleeps well chucks!

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