Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)

How my friends make me smile..'oh no...she's looking for sympathy..change the subject quick'..Lol..am I so transparent?..second thoughts don't answer that.:-(
I had a good chat last night with someone who I care for a great deal. I'm sure he's not aware how much that conversation meant to me. Things haven't been right between us for about a year and it caused me a great deal of sorrow, but last night sorted it, and now I can close yet another open book and move on feeling more at peace with myself..:-)
My thoughts are also with another friend..Mr P..:-) He will be facing something all us members of the GWA have to go through...So my prayers and thoughts and any spare strength I can muster will be heading his way!...wether he likes it or not..:-P
Was just a quickie this evening folks..been busy posting comments on other blog sites and am all rung out..so sleep well chucks..and don't let the bed bugs bite..:-)

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