Friday, January 17, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)..GGGGGGGGRRRRRRR rating.....(2)..:-)

Had a nice chat with Harry today. It seems bets are on for me sounding like an extra from Emmerdale. It seems he is convinced that I will have a broad Yorkshire cant understand where he gets that idea from! Maybe its just the way I write? Well to resolve the situation I shall include a small sound file in my next blog and you can make your own minds up, as long as I get to share the winnings. :-)
Boring fact No5065
Just checked my stats and it seems that for some reason the hits to the page always drop by half on :-0..Why is this ?where do you all go? Are you all so busy looking forward to the weekend or just in the pub all day :-D you lucky things.
Time for bed, there is no one reading so I'm
Nite Nite x x

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