Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Anxiety rating..(3)...:(

Well happy new year to me...lets start it as we mean to go on....huuuuugggggghhhhhhhh..what..No BLOODY ELECTRIC THAT'S WHAT!..lmao
Been sat here most of the day with just candles...."It seems there is a fault Mrs Ford"..."oh really!!...well I hadn't worked that out had I".....Funny thing was it was only us on the a couple of houses on the next street....Ran out of candles so had to go and beg and borrow from the neighbors, who thought it was all highly hilarious..:-(..wait till it happens to them...hehe..Oh well after 5 hours were back on and all seems well again. I knew something was a miss the other night when everything kept hissing and popping.
I could of gladly throttled both the kids...ggggggggrrrrrr..all they could do was moan and wine because they had nothing to do. And when they got bored of moaning they started having a go at each other...ggggggrrrrrrrr..who would be a parent?..answers on a postcard to that Home for the bewildered mentioned in a previous post..:-)..sleep well chucks...:-P
P.s....chucks is a East Yorkshire saying it means love,honey,sweetness....I'm not trying to make you all out to be fowl of any kind.:-D

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