Saturday, January 04, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2)..:-I

Yes I'm having my monthly *she's mad lock her up and throw away the Key*... Can't think straight and am slowing turning from Mrs Jekyll To Moody, anxious gibbering wreck Mrs Hyde..:-(..You men don't know how lucky you are! I seemed to have missed out on the depressed bit this month but am feeling anxious and generally shaky. I always seem to have viral infections around this time also. Oh well 7 days or so and I should feel a bit more like my old self.
On a happier note check the link above..:-) I heard about this a while ago but never got round to having a look. It crossed my path again today, so I thought I would share it with you.......Sorry if offends anyone..:-(..but I have a sick sense of humor.

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