Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Its Christmas eve and the kids are driving me nuts!..lmao..........
Christmas dinner tomorrow will be a Bronze Turkey .........It was running round a field a week ago on my sister-in-laws farm..aaarggggghhhhhh.
Boxing day dinner will be Roast Pork...........this too was happily oinking in a pen 2 weeks ago on my husbands pig farm...aaaaarrrrgghhhhhh..
With this in mind I think I will be turning veggie after Christmas..lol... I'm a city girl at heart and even after 10 years of living in the farming community I find the idea of eating something you have watched grow very hard..:-(

I have decided not to post for the next 2 days as its Christmas..:-P..I have promised myself I will stay away from the pc for these 2 days..Betts for me not making are being taken as we speak...lol..But I'm sure I will make it.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and a stress free New Year!!

Happy New Year

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