Monday, December 09, 2002

Here's a web page I like :)

I was sent the above HTML from a person who means a great deal to me..:-)..we used to be very close and spent many an evening chatting into the early hours. Sadly for me I blew it by being too full on!!..:-( and some things it seems can not be returned to how they were no matter how hard you try... Another lesson well learnt on my side...:-I

I have been quiet shocked to peoples reactions about this page. I guess the things that go round in your head , you some how expect others to know and understand how your feeling. But by the comments I have received even people who I am very close to had no idea of how things have affected me. Just goes to prove no matter how much we think we know a person, we really have no idea of the pain emotions and thoughts that person has and the damage it can do if you don't feel able to share it.

Enough of the sad stuff..............Things are good at the moment!..I am enjoying this web thing..:-D....thou it seems I have neglected My e.mails in order to get the posts done..:-( sorry ....I'm going to catch up on the mail now..:-) x

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