Thursday, December 05, 2002

Anxiety rating ..(2)

Much to my own amazement it seems I have a few people looking in on a regular basis from the US and Netherlands...:-)...The reason for my amazement is the site has not yet gone into any search engines. Its currently been given the once over by Google..:-D...then if they think its suitable for the category I asked for it may just creep in...:-)..Well I can live in hope. I can only assume that the site has been picked up from when I publish....
Howerer you came across my ramblings, your very welcome..:-)...and please feel free to leave comments or e.mail me. I would love to hear your views on the page or subject matter or if you can offer any other 'stuff' that you think would fit into my little corner of the web..:-)

I watched a very interesting programme on TV today... (note*..should have been doing the was on the Discovery channel and is looking into Valium and all the other drugs that have been doing the rounds for the last 30/40 years . I really had no idea that anxiety and all its others forms had been such a huge problem in the past. I was shocked to see how a whole generation of women from the 60s were given these drugs without any real understanding of the long term affects. They are now aware of the long term side affects and Its only prescribed for a short period along with other anti-depressants medication to get you by. I was given this drug myself, took 3 tablets and yes I felt better. But when I read the info that came with was shocked to see the list of side affects. I stopped taking it straight away and I'm glad I did.
It seems these days doctors will just throw pills at you to get you out of the door. my own 14 year old daughter was given Seroxat........I never allowed her to take it and after see the Panorama programme on it I'm very glad I didn't.
I took the hard route, preferring to avoid all medication and go down the therapy road instead. I feel medication is like sticking a plaster over a large wound...You take the plaster off but the wound remains!......something is needed in order to heal and for me this was Cognitive therapy.

Change of subject..:-) Pig Farmer husband..(yes you read it right)...has taken up golf in the last few months...AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH...I fear for the future..:-(...It seems I am to become a 'Golfing Widow' something I had hear about from friends but thought foolishly "That will never happen to me"...But No!!! seems he already has an addiction problem having already gone into work at 5am 3 times this week so he can get on the course before it gets dark...he has just informed me he intends to play again tomorrow..:-(..Does anyone out there know of a cure?...I have tried the usual lacy undies etc...lmao...but no luck..:-( My dreams of spending time together when the kids has left is disappearing before my eyes. I'll try the "I'm not sleeping with you until you start behaving like a normal human being instead of a golf addict" Maybe that will work, but some how I feel I have lost him to a caddy with wheels and a dozen balls....SOB..SOB....

A quickie for Mr P............

A married couple had jet -black hair, so when their daughter was born a redhead, the husband was a bit suspicious. He went to the doctor and explained the situation. The doctor said "well how often do you have sex?"
"oh about once every 2 years" said the husband . "well that explains it" said the doctor. "Your a bit RUSTY"...;-) x

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