Friday, December 06, 2002

Anxiety rating..(well who gives a stuff.. I'm past caring!)

Well its been one of them days..:-(....
One offer of "I'll come and take you away from all that terrible stuff"
Another of " Here's my phone number, you poor battered housewife ..give me a ring"
Another.."Why wasn't your phone switched on when I rang you!!!!"
And not forgetting 2of....your a bit down at the moment, why you not chatting with me?

Well folks you have guessed it.. IM DEPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..I cant help it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..Its my hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But other than that things are great..:-D

Added a few more bits to my other site. Some more funny links and a few jokes. Its getting there a bit at a time.:-)
Anyone know how to make animations work on this thing?..I think I must be thick because I cant make them work for the life of

Oh well that's enough for today sometimes is best not to say anything..:-I

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