Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Anxiety rating..(1)

A big wave to Mr P today..:-)..I haven't forgotten you!..honest..just been busy messing with the page etc..I will do mail over the weekend..Hope you and the family are well... And Hi to Stav..:-)..a cheeky chappie from the IOM forums that I use..Link in left hand column.

Serious moment coming up...:-I
On discussing the meaning of life with a friend of mine a week or so ago..(very serious..:-/)....I mentioned how I felt that we all had a purpose in life. My friend is a religious person and his answer to this was..."What angers you the most?" reply.."prejudice of any kind"...his reply to that...."well that's what you are to do!..confront it, and try to change peoples views etc"...I feel he was very right. This I can see is a good reason just to be..:-)...and it works for me..:-)..but I feel when the thing that angers you most is that your fav team got theirs butts whipped at footy...well...what can you say? a reason for living supporting Manchester United!..lmao..:-D
End Of Serious Stuff!!..:-)

With God and all that stuff in mind take a look at This..adults only...its a bit near the knuckle..but gave me a giggle!

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