Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Anxiety rating ..(2 1/2)...hehe

I found this on the forum site and it it made me smile..:-D

ok girls...What would have happened if it had been three wise women instead of three
wise men?
They would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby,
cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought practical gifts.

But what would they have said when they left.....? (sorry ladies but its
*Did you see the sandals Mary was wearing with that gown?
*That baby does not look anything like Joseph
*Virgin, my arse I knew her at school
*I heard Joseph isn't even working right now
*And that donkey they're riding has seen better days too.

Just a quickie this evening after the mini series yesterday. I have just spent the best part of an hour putting more links on the other pages....oh dear....all went in fine but when I came to post them it crashed..:-(..all lost...sob..sob...So I'm fed up!!..lol..good old Yorkshire saying for 'I have had enough!'

Beds calling..nite nite x

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